FernWithy (fernwithy) wrote,

Dead Poets Society

Finally bought this DVD; been meaning to for ages.

I love it still, and the performances are just great. The use of music is great. The poetry is great. The plot... it's all good.

Except... the central emotional event, Neil's suicide, always seems way off the deep end. Yes, maybe one crazy father, but the mother--her character makes no sense. She knows something's wrong--she's shown giving Neil a sympathetic look--and does nothing to try and mediate. And even the dad is so far off normal behavior that it's hard to believe he actually does what he needs to do for the plot.

Once one is past that difficulty, though, it's back to spectacular drama and great performances.

I did get a laugh though--just for a kick, I went over to FFN to check out their DPS section. On the front page, stories made a point of noting that they're not, in fact, slash.

And where's the House crossover, dammit? Wilson, who is older than he looks, is actually Neil's love child with some girl from the play! And he's finally a doctor, just like his grandfather wanted, but his grandfather won't accept him because he's illegitimate...! ;p

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