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Teddy Lupin and the Forest Guard, Chapter Eight: Uncle Harry, pt. 2

Oh, shoot, wrote a bit on my morning break, and left it at work. Luck of the draw.

Anyway, Harry's coming to Hogwarts to do a couple of DADA lectures, and the school's all worked up about it, except for Teddy, who hides for a week from people quizzing each other on hot Battle of Hogwarts trivia, like just where that werewolf and his mad wife bit it. His anxiety drops away when Harry actually comes to collect him for dinner in Hogsmeade the night before he's due, and he's settling into a relaxing conversation when Harry says that his grandmother wants them to talk about the wands Teddy absconded with, which have made his life a lot better than it was with the one he bought in Ollivander's.

Table of Contents and Summary So Far

Teddy froze halfway through the motion of putting his butterbeer down, his head snapping up. "Uncle Harry... please don't take them. I need them... I mean, the other one doesn't work."

Uncle Harry held his hand up, shaking his head. "I know, Teddy. Professor Flitwick sent your grandmother an owl, telling her to take you back to Ollivander's--I'm sure you can appreciate how well it went over, telling Andromeda to do something--then the next day, another one, saying that he hadn't realized she'd already sent one. He told her how much your Charm work had improved. She knows that you can't go back to the first one."

Teddy finished putting the butterbeer down. "Then... it's all right?"

"Not entirely. You may use whichever you're using. Your dad's?"

"Mum's actually. I burnt something with Dad's."

"That can happen." He turned his cup a few times. "She wants to take you back to Ollivander's over Christmas holidays."

"Berit Ollivander said that some other wand might have already chosen me, and that's why I couldn't find one in the first place. Couldn't one of my parents' wands have chosen me?"

"I'm almost certain of it. They both may have an affinity for you, Teddy." He sighed. "We know that neither of the wands was taken by force. Your dad... you know that story."

Teddy nodded stiffly. He knew it. Dean Thomas had told him. "Your dad saved me... Dolohov turned on me... I didn't have a wand... your dad threw his to me in time to do a Shield Charm, but Dolohov was too fast after, he turned, and I couldn't throw it back..." Dad had died to save one of his former students. Teddy supposed that he himself would probably decide to die rather than let someone else die--it was the right thing to do, as everyone had always said; the heroes in the stories would never run off and let someone else die--but being a third party, if there was a choice between Dean and his father, he didn't think he'd choose Dean. Sometimes he played at having saved both of them, though, since the Dad who lived in his head never seemed to approve of just wandering off without Dean.

"At any rate," Uncle Harry said, "he didn't lose his wand. And your mum set hers down. We may never know why, but I'd guess it was just so Bellatrix wouldn't get it. If she heard Bella too late to do anything..." He shook his head, like he was trying to clear it. "I spoke to Ollivander when we first gave the wands back to your grandmother, to make sure their allegiance was clean. It's very important. He thought then--and I'm quite willing to wager, still thinks--that their last thoughts were of you, and their wands' allegiance followed suit. They loved you very much."

"Does Granny know?"

"No. I wanted to see what would happen, and I never told her what Ollivander told me. I'm sorry about that. I thought perhaps something else..." He looked down. "Teddy, your grandmother is worried about how other people will act around you. I'm worried about what it means to you. Dumbledore once told me not to dwell on dreams and forget to live. He told me that after I'd spent quite a lot of time and got into several tiffs with my best friend, looking for a chance to stare into a mirror and see my parents."

Teddy wasn't sure what he was meant to say to this, so he just said, "Oh."

"Why did you want their wands?"

Because they want me, Teddy thought, but said, "I don't know. They work." He'd thought about telling Uncle Harry about the funny things the Marauder's Map had done, or asking if he knew how to make it update itself, but he didn't think Uncle Harry would like that very well, if he was worrying about the wands. Instead he said, "Do you think Mr. Ollivander would tell Granny that the wands chose me, if I brought them along?"

"I think you'll find that your grandmother would be willing to listen if you asked to take them along. She's actually a bit upset with herself for making you take the other one. She's worried that you're angry at her, and I know you'll write to her and tell her how very many things are wonderful about her, won't you?"

"Yes, Uncle Harry."

"Well, then," Uncle Harry said, "that dispenses with the less pleasant part of the godfatherly duties. I did bring presents." He grinned, and waved his wand, and several parcels appeared. One was a bulky, wrapped parcel.

"What's this for?"

"A present from Molly. She started knitting as soon as she heard you were a Gryffindor." He tossed it over.

Teddy unwrapped it and found a bulky jumper in scarlet and gold, and he pulled it on immediately. "I'll write to Mrs. Weasley as well."

"You'd best. So... this Scrimgeour girl... she's a friend?"

Madam Rosmerta brought their meals, and Teddy spent the next hour much more happily, telling Uncle Harry about all of the people he'd met. To his delight, Uncle Harry didn't put much weight on what happened to Bernice, which he declared a mistake that could happen to anyone, and Teddy, after all, wasn't the one attacking a tree that hit back. Teddy suggested that Uncle Harry might discourage Bernice from trying to become an Auror, but he said he thought Robards was in a better position to judge things like that. While they waited for pudding, Teddy asked about everyone at home, other than what they'd sent letters about.

"Well, we've all been trying to keep up with you," he said. "I imagine if James handled writing better than he does, he'd tell you all about a flying show Aunt Ginny took him to see in Portree. Your friend Donzo's aunt was the star."

"He talks so much about the band, I forgot the family was in Quidditch, too."

"Don't tell Aunt Ginny that. Not if you value biscuits."

They finished up pudding and headed out into what was full night now. It was a new moon, so the sky was very dark, even though there were no clouds. Teddy's eyes wandered up to the darker spot against the stars where the Shrieking Shack hulked on its hill, and thought about asking Uncle Harry if he might help get it back, but that was an awfully large thing to ask for, and he supposed if no one had done anything about it yet, it must just be too expensive.

"Victoire's very happy to get your letters," Uncle Harry said as they made their way toward the school gates. "It's certainly generous of you to remember her."

"She, er... saw the wands."

He grinned over his shoulder. "Yes, Teddy, we've all picked that up. But as you know we all know about the wands, it's quite generous of you to keep writing to her anyway. I think she'd be disappointed if you stopped."

"Well," Teddy said, "she tells me about how everyone is. Her sisters, the cousins..."

"I see." Uncle Harry picked up a stone and tossed it further along the road. "When I come up to the school tomorrow, it's to lecture," he said. "I'm afraid the first year lectures are all about things you can do without magic. I'll tell a lot of stories you already know, like Ron and the chess board, and Hermione solving the potions puzzle. So I don't know how much you'll get out of it, but I promise all of the others will be receiving great wisdom beyond their years."

"So they'll almost catch up with me?" Teddy asked, and winked.

"Some may come close, but only if they're quite clever." Just shy of the school gate, Uncle Harry stopped walking. "I think we're about as close as we can get without the terrible risk of anyone seeing," he said, and pulled Teddy into a hug, mussing his hair roughly and kissing his head. "I love you, Teddy."

Teddy pulled away, pretending to brush the kiss off. "Uncle Harry!"

Uncle Harry smiled warmly, then hooked an arm over Teddy's neck and started walking again, dragging Teddy along with mock roughness. "Think you can get away from the legendary Harry Potter do you?"

"'Course not," Teddy said, then morphed his head narrower and squirmed away, running toward the gate and laughing.

Uncle Harry chased him, and they both nearly ran into the iron bars, breathing hard. Uncle Harry flicked his wand, and a great white stag flew from the tip.

"Will you teach me that someday?" Teddy asked.

"Teddy, I will allow absolutely no one else to teach you, of all people, that particular spell. And I believe we'll do it when you're a third year."

"A bit ahead of schedule, don't you think?" Professor Longbottom asked, emerging from the shadows of the grounds and smiling.

"It's exactly on schedule for a Potter and a Lupin." Uncle Harry smiled. "How are you?"

Longbottom shrugged. "Well enough. Will you come by the greenhouses after your last lecture? I've a nice bottle of"--he glanced at Teddy--"flavored water. A good year."

"Wouldn't miss it," Uncle Harry said.

Longbottom opened the gate and led Teddy through it, then closed it, leaving Uncle Harry on the other side. Teddy waved.

Uncle Harry waved back. "I'll see you tomorrow." He turned and disappeared into the darkness.

Teddy followed Professor Longbottom up to the castle.

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