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Next gen, House of Black challenge call

Chapter 5 of Teddy ("Teacher's Pet") is up at SQ. Some grammar clean-up, a clarification of why the famous witches and wizards coloring book has no pictures of Remus and Tonks, and... something else, which I'm blanking on. An "until" is missing in a place where I put in a beta recommended edit--which was therefore a post-beta addition--but I've sent in a correction on it. :eyeroll:

I've really gotten addicted to writing every day. I felt very out-of-sorts not having anything yesterday! And sadly, the reason I didn't write something anyway was less because it was Yom Kippur at sunset--I could have rushed something, like I did on Rosh Hashanah--than because I didn't want to look so weirdly obsessed with daily writing. Also, because I couldn't decide what to do next, and didn't feel like committing to anything that would take long.

So what to do when I really feel like writing but don't feel like committing? Challenge call! ;p

I know a few people are new since I last did this, so the essence is, you ask me to write it in the comments, I write it in a reply. Just short stuff, drabbles or marginally longer. I try to stay compliant with other things I've written as well as with canon, though I've been known to joss myself. This time, since my head is still in Teddy-land, I'm going to limit it to HP next gen (canon characters or mine), or, if you'd rather, "excerpts" from Andromeda's book, Noble and Most Ancient--ad libbing the Black Family history. Because I'm bored.


Fire away!

ETA: Wow...! I think that's all the requests I can take for this one. I have to sleep now; I'll get to the others tomorrow. Thanks for the prompts, everyone! This is fun. :)

ETA2: kobegrace's was the last request up when I posted the above. I'll get that far in the next day or two. Others, maybe if there's time later on, I'll hit them.

Done so far:
  1. Ruthless and Teddy, trying to kiss, for jadeddiva
  2. Al's first night at Hogwarts, for kagehikario
  3. Teddy and Victoire's first attempt at dating, for victorialupin
  4. Victoire getting the Marauder's Map, for blueinkedlines
  5. A birth party, for spitc1899
  6. Victoire's last night at Hogwarts, for rosathome
  7. Teddy, Harry, and the Ring of Remus, for willowbough
  8. Something with Rose and Lily, for riah_chan
  9. Victoire dealing with James, for shake_n_shimmy
  10. Something with Rose and Hogwarts, a History, for mistralcat
  11. Something with Teddy and James for shina_laris
  12. A Black family excerpt with Andromeda, for allie_meril
  13. Teddy/Victoire futurefic, for kinderjedi
  14. Something with little Fred, for sonetka
  15. The trio, in older years, for ladylothwen
  16. Honoria/Corky, for rainingtulips
  17. James dealing with Teddy's sense of orphanhood, for at_upton
  18. Charlie and Luna, for kizmet_42
  19. Andromeda interacts with Draco and Scorpius, for shiiki
  20. Something from the year Greyback escapes, for Nicole
  21. Uncle Alphard, for 1voice
  22. Andromeda and Frankie, for Sam
  23. Teddy/Victoire proposal, for Maryann
  24. Something from Teddy becoming an Animagus, for cleindori
  25. Andromeda's elopement, for dorasolo
  26. Page 517 (sans picture, of course) of Noble and Most Ancient, for gloryforever
  27. From Noble and Most Ancient, for Anon, who turns out to be ethnotechno
  28. On the train with Al, Rose, and Scorpius, for larisa57
  29. Teddy's year at the first CoMC class, for demonoflight
  30. Regulus, from Noble and Most Ancient, for jedi_chick
  31. Neville and Harry talk about Teddy growing up, for marikenobi
  32. Teddy entertains Lily and Hugo when they can't go to Hogwarts, for kobegrace

And that ends the ones that were asked for before I posted the ETA cut-off! Wow, thanks for all the prompts! I may get to the later ones at a later date, but I believe I'm taking a few days off now!
Tags: hp fics

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