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Several random things - The Phantom Librarian
Spewing out too many words since November 2003
Several random things
I'm watching Law and Order, as I generally do when there's nothing else on. (G-d bless TNT; I love L&O, and it's a great default channel in the evening, except when they're running sports and I'm not expecting it.)

Anyway, in the 7-8 episode, two prison guards are involved in a murder of an inmate. The woman was raped, and transferred from Attica to Manhatten. A bit later, the man she's in love with (but not attached to in a formal way to be recognized by their employers) is also transferred from Attica to Manhatten.


From Mapquest, Attica to New York:
Total Est. Time: 6 hours, 9 minutes
Total Est. Distance: 369.81 miles

I grew up about forty minutes from Attica, if you're driving the speed limit, which no one did. Manhatten may as well have been Los Angeles. Both of these people who are unrelated in a formal way being "transferred" across the entire state with no mention of the moving difficulties or treating it as anything remotely more disturbing than moving in from the suburbs...


Of course, one of L&O's problems is the tendency to forget that Western New York is not right next door to Manhatten. Unless they're coming in by helicopter, people can't make day trips to Attica from Manhatten. And it's another hour and a half to Niagara Falls, where they blithely suggested going during an Attica visit.

No one making television or movies seems to have the slightest concept of Western New York, which is the northern tip of Appalachia much more than it's the western edge of New York. On the other hand, people also write it off as a failed industrial region populated by no-culture mooks. Bzzzt, sorry. Lots of museums in Buffalo, some brilliant architecture downtown, etc. Western New York is its own place.

Well, I said it would be random, didn't I?

Maybe I'm really stupid, but it just finally occurred to me that Oz may not randomly change after his botched "cure" for lycanthropy--it's possible in the rules of this universe that he's only susceptible to the "rage-based" change we see in "New Moon Rising" during the three days they allocate for the full moon, and the rest of the month is what he always was. I don't know... it seems plausible to me.

AU idea: If Oz hadn't left in season 4, Willow wouldn't have gotten involved with Tara, and probably wouldn't have become as powerful a witch, so Glory might have won in season 5. And Tara might have died, as Willow might have been with Oz instead of by herself in the dorm in "Hush." So, thinking Buffy alternate universe before I've written a word of Buffy canon, they could all be living together in the Initiative, underground, because Glory has unleashed hell on Earth and they are fighting it one demon at a time. All because Oz decided not to go because he loved Willow.

Is that twisted enough to be Whedon-esque?

(And again with the random.)

Which brings me to how much I love AUs--not so much writing them, though that's fun sometimes, but the thinking of them. If you pull this pin, what will fall over? What will change? What's the internal logic of the canon, and what impact will a change have on it? Something seemingly small--Oz stays put--changes everything. Here are some random ones that I've thought of:

Padmé, during the conversation at the picnic, asks Anakin where he's getting his political ideas.

At Grimmauld Place over Christmas, someone spots the scars on Harry's hand, and asks how they came about. In front of Tonks and/or Kingsley, who spot the quill as a prohibited dark arts item, and immediately go off to arrest Umbridge on irrefutable evidence.

The spells the kids throw in the Shrieking Shack don't knock Snape out, but only subdue him enough to keep him from interfering. I mean, how much would that change? It would..

Er, oops.

Well, that's as much randomness as I can do right now.
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From: (Anonymous) Date: June 2nd, 2004 01:26 pm (UTC) (Link)

from Sreya

heh. Law & Order is definitely fun (especially when you're in law school!), but it has its little plot holes. I can't remember the specifics, but I do remember one episode where they were using some pretty out-dated legal concepts -- I'm talking 19th century common law. But it's still fun, and at least the plot holes tend to be discreet.

I LIKE your Shrieking Shack AU idea, mostly because I'm trying to figure out exactly what it WOULD change. My gut reaction is "not much", probably because I don't have a very high point of view of Snape. He may not go ballistic, but I still can't see him speaking up and going "Excuse me, but this man that I absolutely hate and would love to see get the Dementor's Kiss? I'm not so sure he's guilty, because one of his victims showed up in the Shrieking Shack this evening. No, I don't have any proof, but you can take my word for it!"

Even if he DID speak up, Snape doesn't have the best reputation outside of Hogwarts (or inside it, for that matter!). Fudge could very easily write off Snape as returning to his dark roots and JOINING mass-murderer Black, perhaps even accuse him of being the one to aide the convict over the past year.
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