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Teddy Lupin and the Hunter's Moon, Chapter 2: Trollsbane Tarn, pt. 3

Teddy's been having a nice camping trip with his friends, interrupted only by a disturbing dream of werewolves, when Harry shows up to tell him that something's happened, and he needs to know about it.

Really, that's it. :)

Table of Contents and Summary So Far

Teddy got to his feet slowly, feeling disoriented.

"Harry!" Daffy Apcarne said, running up from the tarn. "Is there something wrong? What's happened?"

Hutch came up beside him, with that odd look of recognition without acknowledgment that most polite people seemed to have the first time they met Uncle Harry. "Mr. Potter, Hutch Atkinson. Did something happen?"

Uncle Harry nodded. "Teddy and Victoire need to come home, and the Ministry is closing outdoor areas for a little while. There's a... security problem. A breakout at Azkaban."

Daffy went completely white. "A breakout? Who? The Carrows? Bloody Umbridge?"

"Are we talking about Death Eaters?" Hutch asked. He grabbed Corky, who had wandered over, and held him by the upper arm. Teddy had visions of him trying Transatlantic Side-Along Apparition on the spot.

"Fenrir Greyback," Uncle Harry said. "They pulled Greyback out last night. We lost two guards, and a third one was turned."

"Turned?" Teddy repeated.

"Greyback's a werewolf."

Daffy turned back toward the tarn, where everyone else had noticed Uncle Harry. They were picking up towels and drying off. Daffy waved his wand, and Teddy felt a Quick-Dry spell pass around the clearing. "We're going," he said. "Now."

"I thought the campground was charmed against werewolves," Hutch said. "Before we came during the full moon--after last month's attack--we checked, and..."

"It's protected from transformed werewolves, but it was decided that it wouldn't be fair to block untransformed ones. The one who escaped... it doesn't matter that he's a werewolf. And today, he's no more blocked than you are."

Daffy nodded. "We'll pack up."

"Ron's already taking the liberty," Uncle Harry said. "If anyone's things are in the wrong bag, they can trade back at Hogwarts."

"Is Hogwarts going to be safe?" Hutch asked.

Uncle Harry thought about it carefully. "It's not impregnable, but it's the easiest place in the country to secure. High walls, centuries of collected magic, and quite a lot of very powerful witches and wizards in full time residence there. I trust it." He glanced at Corky, who'd started squirming at the phrase "in the country." "I trust it for Teddy, and I don't take chances there. And, at any rate, I hope that this entire situation will be over before the first of September." He put his hand on Teddy's shoulder. "We need to leave now, though."

The group followed him back to the campsite, where Ron had collapsed the tents. Ron waved to all of them, but he looked very tired, and more than a little bit grumpy. Their bags were packed and lined up, and the fire pit had been buried. Donzo's guitar case leaned forlornly against the fallen log.

Teddy put on his backpack and picked up his book bag, then hurried up to walk with Uncle Harry, who was leading the way out. He wasn't sure why Uncle Harry looked quite so awful--there wouldn't be a full moon for another month--but he guessed there were reasons. "Did you sleep?" he asked.

Uncle Harry nodded, not stopping. "They called at dawn. The morning shift came in and found out what happened. We were hoping we'd catch them before they landed a boat anywhere. Ron and I have been flying over the sea for three hours. There's no sign of it."

"A boat!"

"Yes. A Muggle boat. It's the only way they could have done it. We found a cove. They must have waited for the evening shift to come on and then climbed the cliff." He seemed distracted, more thinking aloud than answering Teddy's questions. "Perimeter spells. Simple perimeter spells, on objects, not just Distraction Charms, they weren't Muggles, they were just using a Muggle boat..." He stopped, then turned to Teddy, blinking. "Sorry. I'm going to take care of this, Teddy."

"Why did you just come for Victoire and me, if everyone has to go home?"

"I'll tell you when we're inside," he said. "There's a lot you have to hear. A lot I was hoping could wait a bit longer."

"Why now?"

He sighed and started moving again. "Last month, there was a werewolf attack. We haven't seen them since before the end of the war, and we thought it was isolated, just a werewolf who transformed before he had a chance to lock himself away. We didn't intend to kill him, but there was no choice. He transformed back. He was known to be in Greyback's pack... a group of werewolves he kept around him. But we still didn't think of it. We hadn't seen the others. But they must have decided that if we were killing werewolves, it was time to get Greyback out of Azkaban."

"So they were just trying to help him. Just like a family."

"Greyback bit your father," Uncle Harry said. "He did it deliberately, and then tried to kidnap him into the pack. Don't imagine that this is a friendly little gathering. Greyback was in Azkaban for a reason."

Teddy followed him, not asking any more questions.

They reached the main lodge, where the fire was burning brightly. Another group of campers was arguing with the caretaker, demanding their money back for the rest of the week. Uncle Harry opened his purse and handed over fifteen galleons without comment, then Summoned a pot of Floo powder and gave it to the group leader.

While they were Flooing away, Ron gathered Teddy's group together. "Does everyone have a parent at home?"

"I'm old enough to stay alone," Zach said.

"Is that a no?"

"My parents are both working."

"Then you're going home with Frankie," Ron told him. "Daffy, will you get in touch with his parents?"

Daffy nodded. "I'll make sure all of them get home all right. Don't worry."

"Make sure they're with someone with a wand before you let them go."

"I'll take half of them," Hutch said.

"Thank you," Uncle Harry told him.

Corky, Donzo, and Maurice stayed with Hutch, and he sent them through the Floo to Diagon Alley before disappearing himself. Frankie, Zach, and Roger went to Daffy.

"Ruth!" Daffy called. "Over here."

Ruthless had sidled over to Victoire, who was waiting beside Ron. "I want to know what's going on," she said.

"You can check the Prophet tomorrow," Daffy told her. "Right now, we're Flooing to my house, and I'll get you to your dad right after."

Teddy watched his friends disappear, one by one, into the fire. Ruthless was the last. She glared at Ron and Uncle Harry, then threw her Floo powder with much more force than necessary as she yelled out, "Badger Hill!" The flames went green and leapt alarmingly, then she was gone. Daffy followed her, leaving only Teddy and Victoire with the two Aurors. Victoire seemed dazed by the sudden change in her fortunes. She looked at Teddy, wide-eyed, and said, "What's happening?"

Teddy shrugged and shook his head. "I guess we find out home. I'm not sure whose."

"We're not going home just yet," Uncle Harry said. "Ron, you take Victoire. I'll take Teddy."

Ron took Victoire, putting his arm around her waist from behind, then waved his wand. Victoire moved her arm, and Ron's moved with her. "I security-bound you," he said. "Relax." He tucked his wand into his pocket, then took a handful of powder. "Auror Department!" he called. The flames went scarlet--a secure Floo. He stepped in, and he and Victoire were gone.

Uncle Harry smiled wearily. "I don't think I've had to bind you to Floo since you were four, but you won't get in if I don't."

Teddy nodded.

Uncle Harry put his arms around him, then there was the sharp, pins-and-needles tingling of the Binding Spell. Teddy felt as if he'd been sewn to his godfather. Uncle Harry threw in the powder, then the world was spinning through flames. Teddy could see flashes of life behind other grates, worlds he'd never been in, and he could feel the shadowy power of being in the In Between. He'd always wondered what it would be like if he could just stop out here and see everything at once.

Then they were falling out of another fireplace--Teddy found himself caught in his grandmother's frantic embrace--in an office Teddy had never been in, because he hadn't visited Uncle Harry at work since he'd got promoted to head the department. Still, he'd have recognized it right off, as the walls were covered with pictures of Aunt Ginny and the children, and of Teddy himself, as well as several examples of James's exuberant but less than expert artwork.

And of course, if that hadn't been enough, the people crowded into the small room would have settled it--Hermione was there, looking grim, and so were Victoire's parents and sisters (and her sole brother Artie). Professor Longbottom was leaning on the door, alongside a woman so badly scarred that she made Victoire's father, Bill, look like he had a moderate case of spots. Her name, Teddy knew, was Vivian Waters, and she was a werewolf. The group was rounded out by Minerva McGonagall, a retired Hogwarts teacher, and a young man in a priest's robes who looked vaguely familiar to Teddy. He seemed to have been talking to Vivian.

"Is there news?" Uncle Harry asked.

"They found the boat," Hermione said. "Empty. It was docked at the mainland. We tracked them to a cottage. The family... is at St. Mungo's. They used the Floo. No one heard where they went, and we didn't have a trace on it."

Uncle Harry nodded and sat down behind his desk. He didn't look like he'd really expected anything else. "In that case," he said, "it's time to talk about Greyback."

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