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Jediowl's OC meme - The Phantom Librarian
Spewing out too many words since November 2003
Jediowl's OC meme
Okay, large on the memes today. I just feel like posting, and this is as good as anything else to do. thewhiteowl made this one up--fifty things about a fanfic OC, instead of a hundred things about yourself. I'll do one SW and one HP. (Can we tell I'm feeling all insomniac?) I am also going to be making them up as I go, hoping to trip across stories for them.

Daj Orti
From Family Portrait

1. Daj is a native Neimoidian, of middle height for his species.

2. He has practiced a human-style smile for many decades, since he does a great deal of business with human children.

3. He owns a toy and game shop, in which he hired Anakin as a shop assistant while Anakin was on an undercover mission with Obi-Wan. It was Anakin's first paid work.

4. He watches the garbage pit races on Coruscant when he's there. (Ref, Rogue Planet)

5. There is nothing remarkable about his family--average middle class Neimoidians.

6. He had one younger brother, Naal, but Naal was killed in a speeder accident in early childhood. Daj remembers him only slightly, but very fondly.

7. When the Empire rises, Daj supports it, believing that the brutality of the first thirty years only marked a bloody border era, after which the newly strong government would calm down and go about the business of protecting shipping lanes and so on.

8. He has lost a great many shipments over the years to pirates.

9. He loves his adopted world of Malkiri, even though it has occasionally viscious outbreaks of xenophobia. His love is bolstered by the fact that after a time of adjustments, the burgeoning Neimoidian population really does manage to fit in. Of course, this is because the Malkirians have displaced their xenophobia onto the Jedi, but Daj thinks this will go away with proper education.

10. He's known as a mediator among arguing factions, from groups of children to planetary elders.

11. He likes to wear much simpler clothes than we saw in the Trade Federation.

12. He owns a ship of his own in case he wants to go and pick up a delivery, but he doesn't enjoy flying and usually travels by commercial transport when he needs to go somewhere.

13. Daj is a member of an underground Neimoidian organization that believes something is very wrong at the top of the Federation.

14. He also believes that what the Trade Federation did to Naboo has had a more permanent destructive impact on the Neimoidians than on the Naboo.

15. After the war, he shelters a blind and maimed Jedi who is living out her life in hiding (and obviously, does not reveal her identity to anyone else).

16. He is very patient even with some of Malkiri's more, um, trying children.

17. One of said trying children, Tomik Cral, grows up to rule Malkiri (pretty wisely, too), and he credits Daj's patience with him as the deciding factor in turning him from a bullying child into a responsible leader.

18. After helping Obi-Wan, Anakin, and Siri escape from Malkiri, he resettles on Coruscant for a few years, but decides ultimately that he wants to return "home."

19. He loves playing with his hologames.

20. As a child, he had a hoverscoot like the ones he sells, and he was very good on it.

21. The children of Malkiri come and play in his yard, and he does free repairs on any equipment they've bought from him that is malfunctioning. (It occurs to Anakin that Watto would be shocked by such a waste of profit opportunity.)

22. He loves to cook, and is familiar with many cuisines.

23. Long walks in the woods are his favorite evening activity.

24. He is quite devoted to celebrity gossip.

25. He never marries or has children of his own.

26. He is good at character judgment on a one-on-one level, surprising even a Jedi on one occasion with his perception, but (in case you couldn't guess from his stance on the Empire) is ideologically naive.

27. He is quite brave in looking after people he has "adopted," but tends to underestimate the enmity they might arouse.

28. Later in his life, Tomik Cral convinces Daj to teach part time in the local school.

29. Daj makes the most positive assessment he can of other people's motives, in an effort to not spend his life angry. Eg, when a boy Anakin had confided his secret in betrays him, Daj suggests that the boy genuinely felt he was protecting the interests of his neighbors rather than stabbing Anakin in the back.

30. He has an excellent memory for names.

31. He's very good at spotting the shape of relationships among people.

32. As I said, he's very brave about people he "adopts," but he is not at all consistent ideologically about it. He ends up caring for a Jedi, but he would also rescue an Imperial officer, a Rebel, a criminal, or an exiled Alderaanian if he took it in his mind to do so. It's strictly a person-to-person thing with him.

33. Daj tends to ramble when he talks, and has a lilting cadence to his voice.

34. He loves Neimoidian Ul-Maish music. (I have no idea what that is, but Daj now loves it.)

35. His store makes a better profit than anyone generally observing his methods might assume. Diehard brand loyalty among his customers.

36. After the fall of the Empire, Daj serves in the re-convened Senate as a representative from Malkiri.

37. During his time in the Senate, he has an old man's crush on Leia... the young girl who makes the old fella's heart go thump-a-thump, you know.

38. He does not, however, trust the fact that she married a pirate. He does not trust pirates and never will. They alone are outside his circle of tolerance as a class.

39. For Daj, community building is the essence of politics; all other concerns are secondary.

40. His mother kept a flower garden in a greenhouse at home, and he associates flowers with feeling safe and happy.

41. During his time on Coruscant, he keeps up with Anakin and lets Anakin hang out at his shop from time to time. From these sessions, he learns about the podrace and TPM events, as well as getting several recipes from Tatooine.

42. All of which he cooks for Anakin and Obi-Wan.

43. Daj insists that for meals, Obi-Wan join them. He has no desire to be a "substitute," even though Anakin sometimes seems to tacitly expect such a thing.

44. He's good at mental mathematics.

45. His knowledge of mechanics is self-taught, and very situational. He's good with hoverscoots, but couldn't make the leap from there to an intuitive understanding of, say, a pod engine.

46. It's the toy part of his business that he loves; the repair work Anakin is hired for is just something he considers an obligatory part of his job.

47. His favorite color is dark green.

48. He speaks several languages decently, but people are most impressed by his grasp of Basic, which is nearly unaccented.

49. He's peripherally involved with a sort of hippie Neimoidian movement, represented by Anakin's art teacher, Prila Kam, who never wears headdresses at all and dresses in normal Coruscant human style. She also says she would never call her husband "My lord so-and-so." She and Daj date for a short time and he admires her, but she joins the Rebellion and therefore leaves Empire-loyal Malkiri (not to mention Empire-loyal Daj).

50. Like all Neimoidians, he has no hair.

Elizabeth Phelan
From Lines of Descent

1. Elizabeth and her husband Maddoc live next door to Remus Lupin's family when Remus is a child.

2. Elizabeth was bitten by a werewolf on her honeymoon.

3. During the summer when Remus is six, he wanders outside during the full moon, and is bitten when he tries to pet the big gray dog in the cage next door.

4. Elizabeth was a Ravenclaw.

5. She's not an especially powerful witch, although she's competent.

6. She becomes ever more secluded over her years as a werewolf.

7. She accidentally comes to Hogsmeade on a Hogwarts Hogsmeade weekend and freaks out at the crowd. Remus spots her, and she has lunch with MWPP.

8. During which, Sirius and James flirt madly with her, just as a lark, pretending to fight over who gets to sit by the pretty lady, and she is greatly amused. (Remus is embarassed.)

9. She wanted nothing more than to have a life like Molly Weasley's--to be a mother and homemaker--but her lycanthropy prevented her from having children.

10. She has light blonde, wavy hair, worn at a length between her earlobes and her shoulders.

11. Her features are very delicate, but don't achieve any special beauty. She just looks a bit fragile as a human.

12. As a wolf, she's very majestic looking.

13. She and Remus transform together almost every moon from the time she bites him until he goes to Hogwarts.

14. During transformations, she treats him as her cub.

15. She loves him fiercely, but feels guilty about it.

16. As a girl at Hogwarts, she was one of the gigglers--popular and lighthearted.

17. Her favorite subject was History of Magic. For some mad reason, she liked Binns.

18. She was also decent at Herbology, which was what gave her husband the idea of a farm.

19. Her husband was born the only heir of a filthy rich family, so no matter how often her condition shakes up their lives, he's able to keep them afloat.

20. They were going to leave Remus an inheritance, but after she was forced by Death Eaters to kill her husband while transformed, the Ministry declared her a dangerous creature and confiscated her property.

21. Snape was the one who forced her to kill her husband, though that is something neither she nor Remus ever finds out.

22. Her eyes are pale blue.

23. She gave Remus a little bronze eagle to take to Hogwarts with him, assuming that he would be a Ravenclaw like she was, and like his parents were. He kept it despite being in Gryffindor.

24. She dies in her sixties when a slight illness makes her too weak to survive a transformation. Remus is with her.

25. She has a rocky relationship with Remus's mother.

26. But a halfway decent one with his father.

27. She has to have "the talk" with Remus, at least the part of "the talk" that relates to how his lycanthropy might impact his romantic pursuits.

28. She dresses in smart Muggle fashions of the correct era on the rare occasions that she goes out, even to Hogsmeade.

29. She got this habit as a child, when she found a catalog near the Leaky Cauldron.

30. She misses hats and little white gloves, even though she's the only one she knew who wore them.

31. She was at Hogwarts in the '40s.

32. Her best friend (aside from Maddoc, whom she later married) was a half-blood girl named Anna.

33. She once wanted to travel, but finds that she doesn't regret not doing so.

34. She has a pleasant but lacklustre singing voice.

35. She always takes a hot bubble bath after transformations, and gets Remus into the same habit.

36. When wizarding locals erroneously suspect a werewolf of killing livestock, Elizabeth lets them find her, and implies that she is the only one, just so that they never take it in their mind to investigate that weirdly reinforced shed in the Lupins' back yard.

37. For a brief time between school and marriage, she worked at Florian Fortescue's ice cream shop.

38. She makes noises about writing a history of lycanthropy in the wizarding community, but never actually does it.

39. Maddoc pampers her like crazy the morning after she transforms.

40. She doesn't get the concept of Quidditch being very important to anyone.

41. When she was a toddler, her mother called her Zizzie, or sometimes Busy-Lizzie.

42. Everyone else just calls her Elizabeth.

43. Her maiden name was Hodgkiss.

44. She is Pureblood, but only tangentially related to the major families. Of the known families, she's probably most closely related to the Lovegoods, though that isn't particularly close. I'd say she's Luna's third cousin, twice removed. Possibly also with even more distant connections to the Longbottoms and McMillans.

45. The rocky island where she and Maddoc live when the Death Eaters come is burned over, and eventually bought by a seaside resort owner. It's where the Dursleys are staying when Hagrid comes for Harry.

46. She feels guilty because a part of her enjoys letting her emotions loose under the full moon.

47. As a teenager, she wrote maudlin love poetry and tried to start a magazine in school to publish it.

48. She likes strawberry pie.

49. But won't use charms to grow strawberries out of season, since that might make it less special.

50. Her hair is generally impeccable.
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