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Page 2 - The Phantom Librarian
Spewing out too many words since November 2003
Page 2
Whoo-hoo! Page 2 of the challenges is done. If I can do page 3 in two days, I'll squeak 'em all in two weeks. ;p

  1. Snape and Phineas, for serriadh (which seems appropriate, given the characters in question!)
  2. Lily (2) and Regulus, for beceh
  3. Phineas and returned!Regulus, for thornyrose42
  4. Teddy finds out how the twins found the Map, for laura_anne
  5. Maurice and the Sorting Hat, for daksian
  6. Andromeda on Narcissa, in Noble and Most Ancient, for aralli
  7. Andromeda, Harry, and baby!Teddy, for nundu_art
  8. H/G fluff, for Anon
  9. Ravenclaw-Gryffindor hex war, for Shloz (different thread)
  10. Interaction between Ruthless and Honoria, for golden_d
  11. Teddy teaching toddler James, for demonoflight
  12. Teddy and co. in an even year, happy, for ksellers
  13. Draco parenting sullen 15-year-old Scorpius, for stepinsidelove
  14. Alphard, Bugga, and Pallas, for Anon
  15. Ron and Hermione, for milaya36
  16. Teddy and co. revive the Grand Tour, for hermia7
  17. A weird Scorpius/Rose wedding reception, for aeterna13 (Weird because I'm trying to keep continuity, and I don't see them getting married! But a reception, they can have.)
  18. Why Phineas was the most hated Headmaster, for Anon
  19. Ginny and Harry talk about the fight with Teddy, for redlily
  20. Remus teaching, for satakieli
  21. Harry and Maddie at the DoM, for mistralcat
  22. Teddy and Draco talk when Teddy has grown up, for marycontraria
  23. Neville dealing with a Slytherin, for shiiki
  24. Vernon and Petunia's "commentary" on Dudley's girlfriend, for bazile03
  25. Teddy and his son Sirius, for kobegrace
  26. Ron, Hermione, and Teddy, for Anon


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