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Challenge call - The Phantom Librarian
Spewing out too many words since November 2003
Challenge call
I'm in a creative rut, so I'll do what I usually do in such situations, and let you all supply the story ideas. ;p

I'll leave it up until tomorrow morning, whenever I log in. Only thing... nothing with the reincarnates. The more I play with that, the less I like it. Other than that, any of my fandoms, or original if you like it, and I'll give it a shot.

ETA: I'm up--looks like a good bunch of ideas! Closing the challenge now. :)

  1. Another glimpse of the Smeltings teachers during DH, preferably whilst "doing their bit." for tdu000
  2. How about some interaction between Remus and Dora when Dora's getting older and certain things she did as a kid for severely_lupine
  3. In Stray, you mentioned Rita writing an article when Sirius went to live with James. I'd like to see Sirius's and James's family's reaction to that article for Anon
  4. How about something with Ginny and Luna while they are still at Hogwarts? Maybe somewhere in years 1-3? for riah_chan
  5. Remus's first transformation after taking the Wolfsbane Potion. :-) for Anon
  6. So . . . my request? Any fandom, any time, any theme. Just somethin' that acknowledges the concept [of Independence Day], and as something positive. :) That'd make me really happy. for akilika
  7. Regulus, later in his life, happy. For someone who exists in canon only in flashback, I quite like him :). for sonetka
  8. Teddy's twin girls find out that George is a twin and he has to explain why his twin's not around. for Anon
  9. I want to see Teddy and James having a bit of summer fun shortly before James begins his first year at Hogwarts for demonoflight
  10. The magical explanation for thunderstorms. You know, their mythology - or their 'true' explanation - or even both! *g* for amamama
  11. Harry and Ron post-hogwarts meeting with old classmates (I'm thinking harry having to face Romilda and Ron face Cormac McLaggen). for *Jenny~
  12. how About a more emotinally mature Harry conforting Susan Bones on the anniversary of the War? (because of the murder of her Aunt Amelia) for starnightmuse
  13. something with Neville and Ginny during the carrows take over for Anon
  14. Bill and/or Fleur's reaction to Ron showing up at Shell Cottage during DH. for spitc1899
  15. James becoming Head Boy. How / why - and what were the reactions of the other prefects, and the school in general, to the appointment of a Head Troublemaker? for alkari
  16. If possible, could I get something from an AU in which Remus never became a werewolf? for Anon
  17. Can I have some of the missing story from Hogwarts before the battle. for mrs_norris_mous
  18. Maybe the Marauders from Teddy's portrait getting into the Headmaster's office and interacting with the various portraits there (Dumbledore, Snape, and/or Phineas)? for Anon
  19. One thing I've been wondering: In Shades, you establish a sort of intense drive to mate when the werewolves are transformed, regardless of age (as we saw in that rather horrifying scene with Remus and Vivian [it was Vivian, yes?]). Why was this never an issue in the interaction between the transformed Remus and Elizabeth? for samus_mcaslan
  20. I'd love to see Sirius and Harry coming up with the idea of Remus' Christmas present in the OotP year for dipsas
  21. Something about Sola Naberrie and Sabe. Pre-AotC if possible but not completely necessary. for moonspinner
  22. Could I have something with Dora and her butterfly Patronus, please? for aralli
  23. I'd like to see more of Dora during her pregnancy. for arcaneblades
  24. Remus and Tonks arriving in the afterlife and reuniting with James/Sirius/Ted/whoever, preferably with mention of Teddy. for Anon
  25. If you havn't covered it elsewhere, what about Victoire and Teddy finding out that they are about to become parents for the first time? for trude
  26. Could I get either a scene with young Snape and Lily (when they were still friends) for Anon
  27. Hm, am I too late? If not, perhaps a successful Marauder prank? for Anon
  28. I'd love to see something with McGonagall in Europe during the Grindelwald war for Anon
  29. Dudley helping an escaping Muggleborn for kizmet_42
  30. Arthur and/or Molly dealing with Ron being gone during DH for Anon
  31. maybe something with George Weasley and Dennis Creevey after the war? for Anon
  32. An engagement scene. Your pick, although I'd like Harry-Ginny if you haven't done it yet for gloryforever
  33. The Cattermole family, shortly after escaping abroad during DH, working out who their rescuers really were for Anon
  34. I'd love something with the Longbottom children for betony11
  35. Would like to see Neville, Ginny, and Luna getting Dumbledore's Army restarted after the Trio goes Horcrux hunting? for willowbough
  36. If I'm not too late, it would be wonderful to see some more of Dudley as a adult for bazile03
  37. The Marauders discovering Remus is a werewolf and then telling him about it for Anon
  38. Sirius portrait and returned-to-the-present-by-Teddy-Regulus for gabrielladusult
  39. So, how about the dinner where Maddy and company first meet Remus? for Anon
  40. I noticed that in several of your fics, characters contemplate what might have happened if Qui-Gon had lived to train Anakin himself. I'd be interested to see what you'd make of actually writing about that possibility. for Anon
  41. I quote Tina the laundress's daughter--"Me wants me Bhaer!" Preferably with Jo, please for Anon
  42. I loved the Doll Army - maybe more with the Marauders, including James this time, and young Dora? for mme_riphaldin
  43. I'd like, if possible, something with the Brodie girls and Harry at a later time in their life discussing their time for Anon
  44. Speaking of the girls and Sirius, I notice that after the island has burned he is still Mr. Foote, but by the time they are at GP he is Mr. Black. When, and how much, were the girls told? for Anon
  45. Speaking of Ani, something with his keeping his head on straight (instead of going to the Dark Side) in Revenge of the Sith? for Ellen
  46. So, whatever was supposed to have become of Leia during "Coming Home"? for Anon
  47. Remus's disclosure to Ted and Andi before he starts tutoring Dora, and their immediate reactions to it for Anon
  48. Lily in a situation where she realizes she has misjudged either James or Sirius, because of a difference in class distinction for Anon
  49. Ooo, Andromeda and Cissy having tea after the war and dealing with Bella's memory bonus points for them sharing a happy childhood memory which is obviously darkened by what came afterwards for thornyrose42
  50. Something from Remus's days as an apprentice teacher, please for Anon
  51. I think you mentioned somewhere in a comment fic that Harry introduced Al to the portraits of Snape and Dumbledore at some point - I would love to see that scene for Anon


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tdu000 From: tdu000 Date: July 5th, 2009 05:24 am (UTC) (Link)
Another glimpse of the Smeltings teachers during DH, preferably whilst "doing their bit."

I'm still reading Stray. I know I ought to review but I really don't know what to say other than how much I'm enjoying it.
fernwithy From: fernwithy Date: July 5th, 2009 05:44 am (UTC) (Link)
"You don't understand," the man said. "I haven't been without a wand since I was eleven. They should have let the Dementors take me. They should have--"

"Not having the bloody thing is what's keeping you out of trouble at the moment," Anna Garvey said. "You got to eleven without using magic to get out of anything, and you'll get by now."

"I can't protect my daughter."

"That's why we're getting you out of the country," Alan said. "As far as anyone knows, your friends at the Ministry haven't started extraditing people."

None of them used the word yet. Dora and Remus were quite certain that once Voldemort's hold on Britain was secure, he wouldn't hesitate to pull the refugees back from anywhere they were hidden, perhaps try to extend his government into other countries. Joe, in particular, had been terrified by this--the word Anschluss had come up in casual conversation. It was, in fact, Joe who had come up with the strategy they'd used to get several people out of harm's way--he called it the Denmark strategy. They would all claim to be Muggle-born wizards, and while there was confusion as they were sorted out, Remus and Kingsley and the Weasley boys would stage an attack (Remus believed that, sooner or later, the Death Eaters would just start killing all of them, but so far, they were flummoxed). Molly Weasley was often involved as well. Dora wanted to be, but everyone in the vicinity had put a foot down on that, including the baby, who'd chosen the high point of one of the arguments to give her a good, hard kick. Anna already liked the child.

This particular man and his daughter had been on the run since Harry Potter had broken out of the Ministry. They'd been wandless and homeless, and Dora had tracked their location just in time to rescue them. He was in his mid-twenties, and his daughter was three. His pure-blood wife had died at their hospital when Healers had been instructed to end her second pregnancy. She'd resisted, and they'd killed her. He wouldn't give his name, and Dora said that was the right thing, though it did make it frustrating to talk to him.

"You don't understand," he said again. "I've been in the wizarding world. I don't have any Muggle travel papers, and they're watching. They have people in the bureacracy, watching for us, trying to make sure we don't get away, and the security--"

"The security on magical exits is intense," Alan finished. "We know. We've been doing this for two months now." He reached into his pocket and pulled out his passport. Dora had created at least twenty duplicates of both of their passports, as well as the Levinsons', and if they were caught at this, they'd certainly end up in prison. But it was the right thing to do. "Remus Lupin has altered the photograph," he said. "You're Alan Garvey now. Your daughter is Anna."

Anna gave him one of her duplicates, and he took it with some wonder.

"If they question you at Heathrow--and they might, if something picks up that we've already left the country twice and not come back--do what you need to do. Fred Weasley will be there posing as a tourist, and he'll get everyone there to help as soon as you give the signal."

The man nodded and picked up his little girl. Anna led them out to the car, and they all began the journey to Heathrow.
From: severely_lupine Date: July 5th, 2009 05:31 am (UTC) (Link)

I have to say I agree with you on the reincarnates. It's an interesting idea on the surface, but it raises too many problems and, to me, cheapens certain things.

How about some interaction between Remus and Dora when Dora's getting older and certain things she did as a kid (like sitting in his lap) aren't quite appropriate any more. Something cute/awkward/funny would be wonderful
fernwithy From: fernwithy Date: July 5th, 2009 07:36 am (UTC) (Link)
Before Dora Tonks had left for Hogwarts, Mum had warned her about the Curse, as she thought it might come before Christmas hols. Dora had been moderately excited at the thought, until Mum had told her that there were no daring dodges or clever counter-curses--it was just something to deal with once a month. Dora had asked why they called it a curse, and Mum hadn't known. She had, however, known a great many other things that needed telling, and she had told them, using a stack of books and several diagrams to explain the concepts. Dora hadn't really looked at boys in quite the same way since. Not that they weren't grand friends--she had a lot of friends who were boys, and couldn't see the sense in changing that--but she found herself acutely aware of the idea that they were put together differently, and often found herself madly curious about those non-descript lumps in their trousers.

In October, Lizzie Blandeshin had found an old paperback novel by a witch called Fifi LaFolle, and all of the girls in Dora's first year dormitory had read it with rapt attention, especially scenes on pages one-thirteen, two-forty-seven, and (especially) three-eighty-two. Three-eighty-two had been read over and over by each of them. On page three-eighty-two, the handsome wizard Gunnar Blake quite overcame the resistance of the beautiful heroine, Evangeline Joli. There was much talk of the bubbling cauldron at her "essential center" boiling over at last, and even more talk of Gunnar's "member" and how nobly it had behaved in pleasing Evangeline. Even with the knowledge from Mum's books, it had taken a bit for Dora to piece together what "member" was referring to, as it seemed an especially stupid name for the thing in question, like it was part of some special club of body parts. She had amused herself and her friends by imagining a club meeting, where the Member was president, but kept being outvoted by the stomach and the feet.

But the fact was, these scenes had made the curiosity much worse, and when she came home and threw her arms around Mr. Lupin, who was waiting, the thought flashed through her mind that he might well also have a member, possibly as noble as Gunnar's. She let go and backed away, not really wanting to think about that just now, because she knew that once she got started, it would just keep coming back.

He smiled at her oddly. "Are you quite all right, Dora?"

"Er... Happy Christmas!" She could feel that her face was hot, and she morphed to cover it up. She looked down, so that he wouldn't spot anything odd in her eyes, but of course, looking down was just the wrong thing to do.

"Very cheerful," Mr. Lupin said. "Red and green. Quite seasonal."

"Right! That's why."

"Are you sure you're all right?"

"She's fine," Mum said, coming in from the kitchen, wearing an apron that was covered with flour. Her eyebrow was raised. "Just... eleven. Girls are crazy at eleven. Rather like boys at thirteen."

Mr. Lupin considered this, then made a face. "Well, when the madness passes, perhaps we can say hello."

"If I recall," Mum said dryly, "you may have to wait until she leaves school if you're waiting for that." She rolled her eyes and shook her head. "Dora, go upstairs and clean up for dinner. And put your face back."

Dora wanted to say something, anything, to not look quite so foolish, but she couldn't think of anything. She started up the stairs, and tripped on the third riser. Having lost her dignity so cleanly anyway, she ran the rest of the way up. At the top, she chanced a glance down, to where Mum and Mr. Lupin were talking quietly. Mr. Lupin looked up sharply, seeming horrified by something, then they went on to the parlor.

When Dora came down, they greeted one another warmly enough--with a tiny hug and a handshake.

Dora resolved to never ever think like this again.

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From: (Anonymous) Date: July 5th, 2009 05:35 am (UTC) (Link)
In Stray, you mentioned Rita writing an article when Sirius went to live with James. I'd like to see Sirius's and James's family's reaction to that article (including any retribution that may have occurred).
fernwithy From: fernwithy Date: July 5th, 2009 06:55 pm (UTC) (Link)
"Well, I'm insulted," Dorea Potter said, spreading out the paper. "Really, if she's going to accuse me of having an affair, I think I could do better than an impressionable sixteen-year-old. There's quite a handsome, young, tall drink of water that was just named to the Wizengamot, and I think he'd make a dashing choice. And he's not my grand-nephew."

"I'm sitting right here, Dorea," Charlus said, scanning the sports page.

"Oh, you could have an imaginary affair, too. James, who do you think Rita Skeeter ought to set your father up with?"

"Be careful," Sirius said morosely. "Rita Skeeter will have you both fighting over me." He shook his head. "I'm really sorry, Mrs. Potter. I didn't mean to get you in trouble with the Prophet."

Dorea made a dismissive motion with her hand. "Oh, I know, Cha, you could have your affair with that pretty thing at St. Mungo's who keeps asking for donations. She'll have finally got one out of you."

"Hardly scandalous enough for Skeeter," Charlus said, not looking up. "To top yours, I should think I'd need to find someone's old maiden aunt and seduce her for her gold. Perhaps I ought to poison her as well."

Dorea thought about it. "I like it. That would make an exciting read. It would have to be an exotic poison, though, something you searched the world for because it's so rare, and then slipped into her tea, a bit at a time--"

"Mum!" James interrupted. "Aren't you going to do something about this?"

"I am doing something about it," Dorea said. "I'm having a bit of fun with it. When I'm finished, I plan to follow it up by ignoring it entirely. Aren't you going to eat your breakfast?"

The boys looked at one another like they thought both adults in the room had gone quite mad.

Charlus finally put down the paper and sighed. "James, there's nothing to be done about this sort of thing. If you start going on and on about it, people will think you doth protest too much. Most people out there know perfectly well that this sort of thing is nonsense. I can't imagine anyone actually believing it."

"Oh, some of them will," Dorea said. "But I don't think we need to concern ourselves about them. Gutter minds, really. There's nothing to be done about that."

"But--" Sirius started.

"Sirius, you've grown up with this. Even Bugga wasn't foolish enough to start screaming when things hit the Prophet. Now will the pair of you eat your breakfasts, then go out and find some trouble to get into? I have some work to finish up this morning..."
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riah_chan From: riah_chan Date: July 5th, 2009 05:38 am (UTC) (Link)
How about something with Ginny and Luna while they are still at Hogwarts? Maybe somewhere in years 1-3?
fernwithy From: fernwithy Date: July 5th, 2009 07:35 pm (UTC) (Link)
Ginny still felt cold, right from the tips of her fingers to the place around her heart, but she couldn't stay asleep any more. It had started to be a chore instead of an escape.

Slowly, she opened her eyes. She'd thought she was alone in the hospital wing--no sound had come--but sitting in the chair beside the bed was Luna Lovegood. Luna had lived across the valley. Mum had looked them up last year, when Ginny had been so lonely as the only child in the house. Luna had sometimes Flooed over to play. They'd spent hours talking about what they would do together at Hogwarts.

Ginny hadn't spoken to her since the Sorting. She'd had a new friend, after all.

Luna was reading a book (An Awkward Axiom: How Magic-Users Are Wearing Down Their Own Power Source, And Destroying the Fabric Of The World). She looked up mildly and said, "Oh, you're awake."

Ginny tried to speak, but thought of all the times she might have been sitting in the same room with Luna without even noticing. The only time she had noticed Luna, several Ravenclaws had been making fun of her. Ginny had done nothing. She looked away.

"I owe you an apology," Luna said.

"You... you do?"

"Oh, yes. I thought badly of you. I didn't realize you were fighting battles."

"I wasn't winning them." Ginny chanced a glance up. "How did you know? Professor Dumbledore said no one would know."

"Oh, well, everyone knew you'd been taken. And then Harry Potter and your brother went to find you, and you were very ill after it. Also, Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy's father had a very loud argument, which no one was supposed to know about. I imagine Mr. Malfoy must have had something to do with it."

Ginny nodded.

"I suppose that it could have just happened. I don't really know what he did. But you've been a bit strange all year, you know."

"I know, and--"

"And I saw you with feathers in your hair after Hagrid's roosters died. I thought it might have been a Gryffindor dare. I'm sorry. I really don't know much about Gryffindor."


"Anyway, I'm quite sorry. I thought you'd just decided to become popular in Gryffindor, and didn't care to be friends anymore. I should have asked."

Ginny sighed. "I wouldn't have been able to say anything. I'm sorry, Luna. I promised we'd be friends this year, and I was just terrible about it!"

"Well, you had other things to do."

"We could meet during the summer," Ginny offered eagerly.

"Oh, no, I'm going traveling with my father. He's looking for evidence about Heliopaths. It should be quite interesting."

"Next year, then. Please, Luna, I want to be friends, and I want to make it up to you."

Luna looked pleased. "Well, if you don't mind me thinking badly of you this year..."

"You can't have thought worse of me than I think of myself."

Luna smiled her strange, spacey smile. "All right, then. I believe I'd like to be your friend."
From: (Anonymous) Date: July 5th, 2009 05:51 am (UTC) (Link)
Remus's first transformation after taking the Wolfsbane Potion. :-)
fernwithy From: fernwithy Date: July 5th, 2009 08:16 pm (UTC) (Link)
Severus Snape hadn't been thrilled at being asked to brew Wolfsbane Potion a month earlier than he had anticipated, but Remus wasn't willing to gamble on the new approach while there were actually students in the castle. Snape had been insulted that anyone would doubt one of his potions, and had insisted on an apology, which Remus had given, as long as Dumbledore agreed to make sure he actually did it. So the three of them had been rolling around Hogwarts for the past week, bumping up against one another for meals in the staff room (during which Snape lost no opportunity to express his doubts about Remus's motives and character), but otherwise avoiding each other.

And now, it was here.

Remus took his last dose of Wolfsbane potion with dinner, then went to his office. He blocked the door with every spell he knew, and put protective coverings on the furnishings. He realized as the shadows fell that he'd forgotten the carpet, but it was too late.

The moon took him.

The potion did nothing whatsoever for the pain of the transformation, but Snape had already pointed out that this would be the case. He noticed no difference at all until the change was nearly complete, and he realized that he was actually thinking about the potion, and whether or not it was working. His mind drifted briefly to an article he might write on the subject, though he couldn't imagine anyone publishing it, and of course, putting his name on it would be suicide...

He blinked and rolled up from the prone position he'd ended up in. There was still pain in his feet, but he knew that would fade. The office had taken on a queer sort of clarity, and he could smell a hundred things that he'd have never noticed as a human. He supposed this was true enough every time, but when had he ever had a chance to appreciate it? He'd noticed a strong leftover smell from Lockhart's hair potions earlier, but now, he could sort out all of the ingredients (one of which was, to Remus's amused disgust, unicorn dung). He thought it must feel like this to be an Animagus--human mind, animal skills.

A fierce joy swept through him. Never had his curse provided him with joy on its own, never had...

He froze.

As his thoughts had roamed over the brilliance of the new development, he'd started scratching at the floor under the window, and long gashes had appeared in the wood. Looking back, he spotted a dark stain on the carpet.

There were no violent urges, no need to rip and tear flesh... but apparently, the wolf was going about its business anyway.

Remus went across the office, skirting the dark spot on the carpet with great care. He would have to clean that before anyone saw it, and Dumbledore would almost certainly come close to first thing, and he could only hope that the charms on the door would hold, and...

He stopped and breathed, letting his tongue loll out. His legs were slightly splayed.

Once he caught the run of his thoughts, he remembered where he'd been headed. He went to a cupboard, despaired for a moment when he realized his paws would hardly do for pulling on the handle, then pulled on it with his sharp teeth. It opened. Inside, most of his personal belongs were spread out on the top shelf. On the bottom were various toiletries, and a bottle of sleeping potion Ted Tonks had given him, in case his nightmares came back. Remus hadn't intended to use it, not with Sirius on the prowl, but now, he gratefully prodded it out, letting it roll down until it stopped against the far wall. There was no question of pulling the stopper with his teeth, so he just picked it up and smashed it against the bookshelf with a powerful thrust of his head. The Wolf realized what he was doing, and tried to assert itself, but Remus fought it long enough to lap up the potion.

He made it to the puffy chair before sleep took him, and didn't wake up until the change took him again. He barely had time to clean up his messes before Dumbledore arrived, but he managed it. Snape questioned him about the efficacy of the potion, and he raved about it.

No mention was made of cleaning the carpet or sanding the floor on his bare, bleeding knees, and for the remainder of the year, he carefully set down a bowl of sleeping potion before moonrise.
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akilika From: akilika Date: July 5th, 2009 05:54 am (UTC) (Link)
I'm a little disheartened from . . . well, someone dissing the Revolution on my LJ two days ago, and then the pre-firework speeches mentioning nothing about Independence Day today.

So . . . my request? Any fandom, any time, any theme. Just somethin' that acknowledges the concept, and as something positive. :) That'd make me really happy.
fernwithy From: fernwithy Date: July 5th, 2009 08:47 pm (UTC) (Link)
(Yeah, that's why I f-locked my Fourth post. Grr.)


"Love how everyone's so nice to us," Maurice said, leaning back. "'Oh, we just love you Brits, if only you hadn't had us pay... gasp... taxes!'"

"It wasn't about taxes," Donzo said, rolling over on the sand dune and looking out across Cape Cod Bay. The plan was to Floo into Boston later for the fireworks, but at the moment, they were all enjoying a day at the beach, with a barbecue, hamburgers, hot dogs, crisps, and every "American" food Donzo had been able to think of.

At least, they'd been enjoying it until someone at the next blanket over had made a snide comment about Americans, and Donzo and Maurice had started arguing about the vices and virtues of the country. Teddy, who had yet to meet a country he didn't like, was letting it slide over him.

"Oh, really?" Maurice said. "What do you think the whole bit was about throwing the tea into the ocean?"

"It wasn't taxes," Donzo said again. "It was taxation without representation. In other words, they didn't have anyone to speak for their interests in Parliament. And then there was the question of quartering soldiers, and denying trial by jury in some cases, and... well, you've read the paper. It's all quite fair."

"Politics," Maurice sniffed.

"Well, what do you think countries are made from?" Donzo shook his head. "Really, you're starting to sound like Geoff. In fact, I think I actually had this argument with him last year in Binns' class. Didn't I, Lupin?"

"I don't know. I tune out when Philips starts talking."

Corky's shadow fell over them, and he plopped down to the sand, passing out frozen red-white-and-blue things on sticks. "Have they stopped yet?"

Teddy shook his head.

"You're with me, right, Atkinson?" Maurice asked. "Canada stuck around."

"Right, so that means I'm with you on bashing my neighbors?"

"It's not bashing..." Maurice looked around. "Oh, fine."

Donzo pushed himself back up to a sitting position, and didn't look back. "You know," he said, "my dual citizenship ends in October, when I turn eighteen. I wonder if they'll let me finish up at Hogwarts after?"

Maurice fell silent, and had nothing else to say on the subject all day.

Edited at 2009-07-05 08:55 pm (UTC)
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sonetka From: sonetka Date: July 5th, 2009 06:07 am (UTC) (Link)
Regulus, later in his life, happy. For someone who exists in canon only in flashback, I quite like him :).
fernwithy From: fernwithy Date: July 5th, 2009 10:12 pm (UTC) (Link)
Me, too. :)

Harry and Ginny's new place was on a wild tract of land in Cornwell, not far from Tinworth, but not precisely near it, either. At first, Regulus had felt guilty about accepting the gift of the house at Grimmauld Place, which had been a rather extravagant wedding gift for Lily, but she'd rolled her eyes and said, "Dad's been trying to think of a way to retire away from there forever, without losing the place. If I hadn't married you, he'd have probably given it to you anyway, and I'd be out on the street."

"Well, we can't very well have that," Regulus had said. He doubted this was true--Lily loved the house dearly, and he was quite sure that, if Harry had given it to either of them, it certainly would have been Lily, but he was glad they had it together. The house was never meant to be lived in alone, and they'd set about filling it with a will. With the children playing happily in the parlor and running about in the courtyard, Regulus felt that the last of any dark stain Mum had left was finally gone.

Still, it was also nice to get away, and Harry's wild Cornwell place was his favorite spot for that. Lily had the babies back at the house, where she and Ginny were catching up on family gossip, and Regulus and Harry had taken the two oldest--Rigel and Talitha--for a walk along the sea cliff. Talitha had discovered a gull feather, and was waving it wildly while Rigel chased her through the scrubby plants. He and Harry had Conjured chairs, and were watching them fondly, making sure they didn't get too close to the edge.

"Now that my hair's going white," Harry said, "I think I ought to grow it long, and have a beard like Dumbledore's."

"Don't you have enough problems with people thinking you're all-knowing?"

"Hmm. Good point." Harry shrugged. "Besides, I look enough like a skunk at the moment with it short. I should at least wait until it's entirely white."

Regulus smiled. Lily kept her hair long because it was like Harry's--without all the weight, it stuck out every whichway. If that hadn't been enough to convince Harry to let his hair grow, Regulus doubted that anything would. (He himself had his hair down to his shoulders, and was starting to grow a beard. He fancied that he looked like old Grayfur as a young man.)

A cry suddenly burst the air, and Regulus stood up. Talitha was screaming as though she'd lost her best friend, and Rigel was laughing and clapping his hands.

Regulus went over and scooped Tally up. "What is it?"

"Rigel took my feather!" she said. Her hair--red like Lily's, but smooth and straight like Regulus's--was currently plastered against one tear stained cheek. "He made it fly away!"

"I did not!" Rigel protested. "It just flew!"

"You took it!"

"I only was holding it! You said I could!"

"You let it go!"

Regulus tended to believe Tally on this--Rigel looked a little too pleased with himself for it to have been an accident--but thought it might be the better part of valor not to take sides. "Well, let's see if we can find a new one, shall we? Maybe one for each of you! Rigel, go ask Granddad to come! He'll like looking."

Rigel ran off to where Harry was sitting, and brought him back (well, actually Harry was the one bringing, as he was carrying Rigel on his back).

The four of them fell to looking for the elusive magical gull feathers, as the sun set golden over the sea below.
From: (Anonymous) Date: July 5th, 2009 06:18 am (UTC) (Link)
Teddy's twin girls find out that George is a twin and he has to explain why his twin's not around.
fernwithy From: fernwithy Date: July 6th, 2009 12:07 am (UTC) (Link)
The joke shop was Polly's favorite place. Great Uncle George (who always laughed when people called him Gug) had let her be in a wireless advertisement with him, and she'd sung the jingle. He said she was going to be a star someday. Julia liked the shop, too, of course, but she especially liked the basement, where everything was invented.

That was where they'd gone first today--down to the long work table, lit by an ever-glow ball that floated down to show them whatever they were doing. Julia was on one side, building a Collapsing Cauldron. Polly was on the other, sitting beside Uncle George, and making up slogans for all of the new toys he was building.

Julia reached behind herself and got a little etching tool, then said, "Why do you have two of everything? I didn't think Freddie liked working down here."

Freddie was Mum's cousin, and he was quite grown-up now. Mum and Dad both said that he'd take the shop eventually, but he'd told Mira that he wanted to be Minister of Magic, and he couldn't do that by running a joke shop. Polly thought that was horrible.

"Oh, it's not for Freddie," Uncle George said. "Well, it was, in a sense, of course. The other side was for my brother Fred. He was my twin."

"You were a twin?" Julia asked, suddenly interested. "Like Polly and me? Were you look-alike twins like us, or different twins like Uncle Artie's?"

"Look-alike," Uncle George said. "We made this shop together, you know. We were always best friends, just like the pair of you." He leaned over and grinned. "That's why I love it when you come to visit me, you know. Makes me feel all twin-like again."

Polly blinked. "But... where is he?"

Uncle George looked surprised. "He... Well, he died. In the same battle where your grandparents did. No one told you?"

"Yes, they did," Julia said. "But we didn't know he was your twin. Poor Uncle George!" She set down her cauldron and came around to sit on his other side. She caught Polly's hands on either side of him to give him what Dad called his "favorite twin hug."

Uncle George put an arm around each of them. "Well, thank you. But it has been quite a long time."

"But... your twin!" Polly said. "How can that happen? Doesn't it hurt? I always feel bad when Julia's hurt."

Julia nodded. "We were born together. Aren't we supposed to...?" She shrugged.

Uncle George kissed each of their heads. "It feels that way, doesn't it? I'd forgotten. You know, after Fred died, I couldn't quite wrap my head around it. And you know what? I think he's still around. I think as long as I'm here, he's here, helping me out with the shop, giving me ideas. So I think you're right, Julia. Born together, always together."

Polly and Julia both nodded vigorously at this.

Uncle George patted each of them on the back. "Now, why don't you both work on that cauldron. You're so little that I think having both of you there balances the table better."

"But where will Great Uncle Fred sit?" Polly asked. "Or would he be called Guff?"

Uncle George laughed. "Guff, I like it."

"So he can sit with Julia, and you can sit with me."

"Well, when you put it like that..." He prodded Julia up. "Go on, Jule-girl. Guff's lonely over there by himself."

Julia smiled and went back around the table, carefully making room on her right side for Great Uncle Fred to work.

They got back to business.
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demonoflight From: demonoflight Date: July 5th, 2009 06:28 am (UTC) (Link)

I want to see Teddy and James having a bit of summer fun shortly before James begins his first year at Hogwarts.
fernwithy From: fernwithy Date: July 6th, 2009 03:47 am (UTC) (Link)
"I'm finally coming to London, and you're off to Hogwarts," Teddy said. "Well, it'll keep the birds in good exercise."

"So you'll write?" James smiled and flopped backward into the pond. A surprised fish jumped up over his head. "Can I still send you stories?"

"Sooner or later, you'll get tired of them," Teddy said.

"When did you get tired of them?"

Teddy thought about this. "Hmm. Good point, maybe not. I got one started where they go to an abandoned castle in the Highlands, only it turns out that Dark Wizards are just using the same sort of magic that hides Hogwarts from Muggles, in order to hide it from the good guys."

James looked delighted, and expressed this by hitting the surface of the pond with his arm to send a fan of water in Teddy's direction.

Teddy took a running jump and cannonballed in with him. When he surfaced, he shook water out of his hair and said, "You ought to be in my old dormitory. I'm afraid I might have left a mess or two in there."

"What sort of mess?"

"Oh, I don't know. Maybe old papers. Probably nothing."

James gave a daffy grin, and slipped underwater. He emerged at the far end with a handful of seaweed, which he promptly threw at Teddy. Teddy crashed to the side to avoid it.

"I think they should find old papers in the castle."


"The abandoned castle that's really dark wizards. They find papers, and there's a map and a--"



"You're predictable, James. You shouldn't be predictable."

"Did you ever read Zoltan Burr novels? No one else cares about being predictable."

Teddy, who'd read his share of predictable novels by Fifi LaFolle and was well-versed in Zoltan Burr at Ruthless's insistence, couldn't entirely dispute the point. "Yeah, but don't you want to try and surprise people? I mean, how much fun is it if you know ahead of time that I'm going to do this?" Teddy pulled out his wand and sent the far end of the pond up in a huge fountain, spilling a laughing James down into the deeper water in the center.

James let himself be washed ashore on the wave, and grabbed a towel from the chairs they'd set out earlier. He spread his arms out to get the sun.

Teddy swam for a few more minutes, then worked his way out of the pond and sat in the other chair, Summoning sunglasses and cold drinks for both of them.

James caught his easily and leaned back. "Teddy?"


"Are you still eldest, even though you're grown now?"

"What do you mean?"

James rolled over on his side. "I mean, well, I went to work with Dad one day, and there was this man there, and he said he never saw his godfather anymore--"

Teddy waved it off. "Situation's different."

"How do you know?"

"Because there's no way I'm going anywhere."

James seemed satisfied with this answer. He rolled back onto his back, and looked up at the sky. "I think one of them ought to turn into a bird, don't you?"

Teddy smiled, and didn't answer.
amamama From: amamama Date: July 5th, 2009 06:45 am (UTC) (Link)
The magical explanation for thunderstorms. You know, their mythology - or their 'true' explanation - or even both! *g*
fernwithy From: fernwithy Date: July 6th, 2009 04:45 am (UTC) (Link)
"Is this an actual date?" Ginny asked, lying back on the grass in the orchard, which Harry had dried out, and casting an Umbrella Charm over them. The rain ran over them in a flowing dome, creating a blurry, shifting tent.

"Well, I thought we probably ought to go on a few."

"Good. I like it."

"Then I'll be sure to keep doing it. Where do you want to go? What would you like to do?" Harry rolled onto his side and propped himself up on one elbow. "Anything. Name it."

Ginny kissed him. "I can't think of anywhere I'd rather be. This is sort of like that month at Hogwarts."

"Bit rainier."

"Harry, we were out in the rain a lot then."

"We were? I didn't notice."

Ginny laughed and lay back again, nestling her head against Harry's neck. Above them, the sky raged. It was good to see him relaxed, and the rain shadows hid the dark circles under his eyes. "When we were all little," she said as the roll of thunder faded away, "Dad told us a story about thunderstorms. Did you have a story?"

"What, like angels bowling or some such thing?" Ginny nodded; Harry shook his head. "The closest we got was Aunt Petunia saying that the thunderstorms were after her good runner beans. I tried to make a whole story of it, but I could never figure out why a thunderstorm would care."

"That's pathetic," Ginny said.

"The Dursleys aren't really given to stories. What was your dad's?"

"Dad said that once there was a witch named Light. She had a very bad temper--she was a redhead, of course--"

"Of course."

"--but otherwise she was the kindest, and sweetest witch around. She was in love with a wizard called Laugh. He was the only one who could keep her from losing her temper. She wanted to fix her temper, so he'd be happier and not have to stop her all the time, so she did a very foolish thing--she put a curse on herself, so that every time she lost her temper, she would disappear a bit. She thought it would make her think twice. But she never did. And every time she got going, she'd fade, just a little bit, until only her eyes were left, flashing when she got angry. Even they were invisible when she wasn't angry.

"So Laugh, he was awfully sad about losing her, and he stopped laughing and telling jokes. He wandered through the hills looking for her until he faded away to nothing. Then one day, he saw her eyes flashed, and he called to her, and laughed again. She could see him, so she flashed her eyes again, and he laughed again.

"And they've been playing that game ever since."

"I don't know whether that's happy or sad," Harry said. "Uncle Vernon told the mad tale that lightning broke the speed of sound and the thunder was the air crashing back in."

"Oh. Exciting," Ginny said. "I can see that you learned many important moral lessons from your Uncle Vernon."

"It's apparently the truth."

"I know it's the truth," Ginny said, irritated. "Just because we don't know how planes fly doesn't mean we don't understand the weather."

"I like the story better," Harry said wistfully. "It's more interesting."

Ginny's irritation melted away, and she cuddled closer to him. "I like it better, too. I always think of it when there's a thunderstorm. Light and Laugh, running around the hills, looking for each other."
From: (Anonymous) Date: July 5th, 2009 06:49 am (UTC) (Link)
Harry and Ron post-hogwarts meeting with old classmates (I'm thinking harry having to face Romilda and Ron face Cormac McLaggen).

fernwithy From: fernwithy Date: July 6th, 2009 07:32 am (UTC) (Link)
Ever since Percy had pulled out Voldemort's obscene statue in the Ministry lobby and replaced it with a brightly lit fountain of abstract shapes, Harry had rather enjoyed coming in the front door to get to work instead of using his clearance to Apparate directly into Auror headquarters. He and Ron made a decent morning walk of it every day, avoiding any mention of the hours spent along these paths, spying the place out before they'd broken in.

"D'you reckon that lead on the Snatchers hiding out on Anglesey will pan out?" Ron asked as they entered the lobby from behind the fountain. "Haven't seen any of them for four years--they must be somewhere, but you'd think if they were all together, they'd've caused some trouble by now."

"Maybe they tired of it," Harry said. "They could have--" He stopped as the reception desk came into view. "Is that who I think it is?"

Ron pulled a face. "Which one?"

"Well, I know McLaggen. He knocked Ginny off her broomstick the last time the Harpies played his team. But the new receptionist... isn't that...?"

"Romilda Vane." Ron ground his teeth. "Let's arrest her."

"For what?"

"She made an illegal potion."

"We made a few of them ourselves at Hogwarts."

"She's evil?"

"That's not illegal, unfortunately."

Romilda chose that moment to look up, and she waved cheerfully. "Oh! Harry! Ron! Look, Cormac, it's Harry and Ron. I haven't seen the pair of you since Gryffindor Tower. Good old days. How are you?"

Harry and Ron looked at one another, shrugged, and resigned themselves to going over.

"You remember Cormac, don't you?" Romilda asked.

"Yes. He knocked my fiancee off her broom just last month," Harry said.

McLaggen guffawed. "Well, you know Quidditch--rough game. Weasley--I'd wager you remember how rough it can be."

Ron looked at him grimly. "His fiancee is my sister."

"So you know."

"When is the wedding?" Romilda asked. "Everyone wants to know."

"We don't know yet," Harry lied. They'd set the date quite a while back, but he had no intention of inviting Romilda. He pointed back and forth between her and Cormac. "And you two are...?"

"Just friends," Romilda said, but batted her eyelashes in Cormac's direction. She winked. "So far."

"Try chocolates," Ron said dryly.

"Er... yes, that. What a silly girl I was!" She held out a dish of sweets from the top of her desk. "I promise, these won't be laced."

"I'll pass anyway," Ron said. "Harry, haven't we got to--?"

"Right," Harry said. "Snatchers in Wales. Important business."

"Oh, how exciting," Romilda said. "You really must come back and tell me all about yourselves later. I'll be waiting!"

"I'll keep that in mind," Harry said, and followed Ron to the lifts.

The door closed.

"Straight to the office tomorrow?" Ron asked.

"And for the foreseeable future," Harry answered.
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starnightmuse From: starnightmuse Date: July 5th, 2009 06:51 am (UTC) (Link)

if it isn't too much too ask how About a more emotinally mature Harry conforting Susan Bones on the anniversary of the War? (because of the murder of her Aunt Amelia)

hope it's a good challenge
fernwithy From: fernwithy Date: July 6th, 2009 07:51 pm (UTC) (Link)
George actually supplied fireworks for Victory Day, and helped plan the festivities. Harry wasn't sure how he could do it, but he'd shrugged and said that he reckoned Fred would much prefer a fireworks show to a crowd of people moping about and mulling over death. "Best way I can think of to say hello to him, actually," he said. "I mean, fireworks. Our first real salvo."

Harry could see the sense in it, and it worked for George well enough, but by the time it was dark enough for fireworks, he'd spent all day making believe that it was just a bank holiday and Victoire's birthday. He'd watched parades, and listened to people give speeches. On occasion, he was asked to give them himself, and he did (though Ginny generally wrote them). Teddy had come with him until he was seven, and he realized that it was the same day that was on his parents' gravestones, and that was why his Granny didn't come. Now, he was back at Andromeda's. Next year, he'd be at school.

Ten years.

It was dark, and the fireworks had started, and Harry supposed that no one would notice him leaving now. He went back inside the Ministry, which was lit only with the nightlights, and wandered aimlessly. He'd have gone home, but Ginny and the babies were enjoying themselves, and he had no more desire to be alone at Grimmauld Place than in the middle of the crowd here. He turned a corner and started to pass the ward where the Wizengamot offices were, and he noticed a light coming from under a door at the far end. He went toward it.

The offices were shared space--five or six members to a room--and this one housed several junior members. One of them was Susan Bones, and it was, in fact, Susan standing at the window, watching a silent, soundless magical reproduction of the fireworks. She sighed heavily.

Harry knocked on the open door.

She looked over her shoulder, and recognized him with no discernible surprise. "Hi, Harry," she said. "Great show, eh?"

"George knows how to put them together."

"I see you're not out there, either. Have a seat." She sat down on the corner of one desk, and gestured to the one across from her. Harry took it. Susan sighed again. "I don't even know what Aunt Amelia would make of this. She didn't dwell on... well, what happened to the rest of the family. But I can't imagine her going to a fireworks show. Do you ever think it's too soon? In a hundred years, I could see all this, but ten..." She let her voice trail off.

"I know. All I'm thinking of are the bodies in the Great Hall."

"I hear they don't even observe it at Hogwarts."

"Neville does. His way. He plants something for everyone who died."

Susan smiled. "I like that."

"Me, too. I'd do something like that, except that I have a tendency to kill anything I plant without an Herbology professor looking over my shoulder. Not exactly great symbolism."

She laughed quietly. "Quite true." She looked back out at the silent, exploding lights. Currently, there was a display of the various Patronuses that had flown that night. As Harry watched, Luna's rabbit jumped gracefully across the sky. Susan shook her head. "I suppose this is all healthy. Ernie says that 'mythologizing the dread event will make it part of history' or something like that."

"Sounds like Ernie."

"We're engaged. Did you know that?"


"He's on the committee that planned the musical entertainment earlier. He was working so hard. I did my best to enjoy it."

"It was very good." Harry punched her arm lightly. "Maybe they have the right idea."

"Or not."

"Or not--but it's probably better to be with them than away from them. I want to go see my boys and my wife. They're having fun. Why don't you go find Ernie? Maybe we can all get together for a late pudding later. I haven't seen Ernie for a couple of years."

"You haven't? Well..." She smiled. "All right. I suppose--anything's better than this."
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From: (Anonymous) Date: July 5th, 2009 06:55 am (UTC) (Link)
by reincarnates you mean Dora, Remus or Sirius?

i was going to ask for a "if scenario" where Sirius did not died and was living with truly happily helping harry after the war? *maybe as a DaDA teacher?)

if not.... something... something with Neville and Ginny during the carrows take over
fernwithy From: fernwithy Date: July 6th, 2009 09:47 pm (UTC) (Link)
Ginny had installed an Extendable Ear by the fireplace, so she would be able to hear if the Floo were activated. Fred and George had helped her with it after the wedding disaster, so that she wouldn't actually need a connecting string--she just had the receiver with her. Mainly, she ignored what she heard--mostly Gryffindors using the Common Room for things that they always had (it was amazing, the level of normalcy they managed to achieve sometimes). But when she heard a low voice mutter "Incendio" at just past midnight, and heard the flames roar up, she was up immediately, her wand raised. She went down the stairs with her back to the wall, using her best Disillusioning Charm, and silently stepped down into the room.

She relaxed.

Neville Longbottom was sitting in front of the fireplace, and it was distinctly not green. "What was our favorite song to dance to at the Yule Ball?" she asked before breaking her charm.

"Hi, Ginny," he said dully. "My favorite was 'Sky-Tripping.' You liked 'Ghouling Around,' though, didn't you?"

"No," Ginny said, recognizing the security question. "I liked 'Ice Castles.'"

Neville nodded.

Ginny broke the Disillusionment and went to stand beside him. There was a small wooden box among the flames, and he was watching it burn.

"What's that?" she asked.


Ginny drew back. "Trevor? Your toad?"

"Carrow stepped on him Dark Arts when I mouthed off to him."

"Oh, Neville, I'm so... I... I don't even know what to say."

"I snuck down there to--clean up what I could. I had to scrape his guts out of the grouting between the stones."

Ginny put her arm around his shoulders and gave him a squeeze. "It's not your fault," she said.

"I know. Trevor's a casualty of the bloody war." Thoughtfully, he tossed a handful of toad snacks into the fire.

"Here," Ginny said, and took a handful herself. She tossed them in. "You were a good toad, Trevor."

They watched the box burn for a little while, then Neville said, "I'm thinking of my parents."

"They're in St. Mungo's."

"That's not exactly safe right now. My Gran has written a few letters, all carefully coded of course. Healers being forced to do things they wouldn't do. Did you know that Andromeda Tonks quit?"

"I'd heard something."

"So they're lying there, helpless. And every time I do something, someone might do something back to them. Just like Carrow did with Trevor."

"Do you want to stop?"

"I don't think they'd be very proud of me if I did." The box collapsed into ashes at the center. Neville ground his teeth. "In fact, I feel like doing something big, right now."

"Like what?"

"I don't know. Interrupting their communications, maybe. I've been reading strategy, and that's usually a good one. Think we can do anything to the Floo?"

Ginny considered it. "I don't know enough about it. Maybe Luna does."

Neville stood up. "Then let's go get Luna. I don't know if we can do that, but we'll think of something. Call it Operation Trevor. Are you in?"

Ginny stood up and straightened her shoulders. "I'm always in," she said.

Edited at 2009-07-06 09:50 pm (UTC)
From: (Anonymous) Date: July 5th, 2009 06:56 am (UTC) (Link)
oh could you please do something with Fiona and Sirius if they had actually got together-together in your story?
fernwithy From: fernwithy Date: July 7th, 2009 05:49 am (UTC) (Link)
What makes you think they won't, eventually? ;p (Seriously, I'm going to skip this one, because I'm still considering the possibility of having a romance between them as part of the rest of the story.
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From: spitc1899 Date: July 5th, 2009 06:57 am (UTC) (Link)
Thank you!

Regulus comes across "Noble and Most Ancient" or Bill and/or Fleur's reaction to Ron showing up at Shell Cottage during DH.
fernwithy From: fernwithy Date: July 7th, 2009 06:34 am (UTC) (Link)
"You should talk to him," Fleur said. "'E is miserable."

"I know that. But what am I meant to say?"

Fleur gave him a stern look. "You are eldest, I am eldest. We both know that there are always things to say. You know 'e did not mean to lose them, or leave for longer than it took to, how do you say it, cool down."

"I know."

"It's our first Christmas as a family, Bill," Fleur said. "I don't want your brother to be miserable for it. Let him know you are glad to have him with us. And that I am. I think he might be afraid of me."

"Well, you are are daunting..."

Fleur shook a spatula at him over the mound of pastry dough she was working with. "You will find out 'ow daunting if you don't go out and talk to your brother."

"Well, there's no arguing with that," he said. He kissed her cheek, then went outside, to where Ron was sitting on the sea cliff, looking out over the steel gray waves. Bill sat down beside him. "All right, Ron, we're going to talk, and not just that garbled speech you gave when you showed up at the door."

"It wasn't that garbled," Ron said. "I got annoyed, and I walked out, and now I can't find my way back. Stupid. Stupid Ron, as usual."

"When I got home from Hogwarts fourth year, you and Ginny were fighting about some toy. Screaming your little heads off. Mum sent you off to separate rooms, even though you both had the same one then."

"It's not the same. Ginny and I weren't trying to run a war then. We weren't doing something important. And I knew I could find my way back."

Bill sighed. "What's done is done. If you're meant to join them again, something will come to you."

"And if I'm not?" Ron swiped at his eyes. "It's always been the three of us. But maybe it was supposed to just be Hermione and Harry. Maybe Harry just let me hang around because I was nice to him once, and he didn't have anyone to--"

"And you think that's a small thing? I can't imagine anything Harry ever needed more than that."

"Fat lot of good it's doing him now. And Hermione..." His voice broke. "Bill, Hermione's never... she won't forgive..."

Bill nodded. "Oh. Hermione. Ron, whatever happens with Hermione--"

"What? Whatever happens?" He looked at Bill for a moment, then looked morosely away. "How many chances am I going to get to cock it up? It's not like she hasn't got--" He shook his head. "Stupid, to think of it, anyway. What am I? Krum loves her. Harry probably does, too. Who the hell am I?"

"Last I knew, the only one of the three of you whose opinion Hermione has ever seemed to care about."

"And every time, I've said the wrong thing. And now... she must think I've gone and joined the Death Eaters or whatnot."

"I doubt she thinks that."

"How would you know?"

"Well--it's an amazing skill I have as a big brother. You remember. I know everything."

Ron turned, giving him a cross look. "I'm trying to be serious!"

"That's the problem at the moment. Let it go. It's nearly Christmas. Stop gnawing at this. Something will come to you."

"How do you know?"

Bill considered saying something glib, then settled for the truth. "Because I don't think you would have come into Harry's circle if you weren't meant to be there. There's some reason for all of it, Ron. Let it show you the way. Meanwhile, will you come inside? Fleur wants to have a decent supper, and you moping about doesn't help."

"Oh. Well... if it's for Fleur."

"Of course it is."
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