FernWithy (fernwithy) wrote,

Three weird dreams

Okay. Three very vivid HP-related dreams. Must share.

Dream 1: The entire HP crew was at the ER hospital, along with Dr. Skoda from Law and Order. Skoda was in charge. The first season ER cast was around. For some reason, everyone started singing. I don't remember the whole plot, but I do remember Hagrid and Ming-na Wen's character (sorry, I don't actually watch ER anymore and don't know all the character names well) singing a duet called "Fabulously Tall." (That, I remember very clearly. I don't know why it happened, bu it was the first time the characters burst into song, and both Skoda as a dream character and I, as the dreamer--abruptly sitting in a theater chair, watching--were both scratching our heads and trying to figure out what sort of show this was.) Hermione and Weaver and a handful of dancing witches/orderlies were singing their way through triage on a major accident site on a snowy night in Chicago.

Dream 2: A story dream. It's a private school that is decidedly not Hogwarts, though Dumbledore is in charge. I had a feeling it was the late 1800s, maybe turn of the century. The school was on an island somewhere, and there was a lake at the middle, but it had shrunk down to the size of a pond. I was twelve and trying to convince a classmate that sometimes, the lake filled all the way up to the sharp drop off we were sitting on (which was, in fact, the normal shore-line). She wasn't believing me, then suddenly there was a storm, and the pond started rushing up too quickly. Then Dumbledore ran out--yes ran, robes flying--and said, "It's not the lake! It's the ocean!" And we all looked over and there was a big wall of water. We ran to the school, where Dumbledore instructed us not to go inside, but to crouch against the outside walls. For some reason, this was an effective tactic, and we just got a little misted as the freaking tidal wave danced on by and presumably dumped itself on the other side of the island. How's that for advice? If a tidal wave comes, crouch against a wooden wall. That'll save you. At the end of the dream, the lake had been filled up again and everyone was cheerful, and it turned out that a lady who lived next door to the school had left out food that had drawn a bear, and the bear had knocked something down that had blown out a dam, and that had caused the tidal wave.

Dream 3: This may or may not be HP related, though given the run of dreams, I'll give it the benefit of the doubt and assume it was Ron on the other side of the Muggle chess board. I could only see hands, but they were freckled. I don't remember the story of the dream, just a weird thing. We were playing chess, but I noticed that the pawns had flat spots on their sides with little felt squares. I asked the person I was playing with why, and he said I'd see. It turned out that when a pawn was knocked out, it was only out for two turns, after which it was laid back on the board on its side and had a range of movement of three squares. It was now a zombie, and to get it off the board, you had to physically break it.

Anyway, I rarely dream so vividly, let alone three different ones in the same night. The musical amused me so much that I actually woke up laughing.

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