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i saw someone ask for potter and ginny so can i ask for some ginny and neville? (i mean if you don't do fannon ships they can be friends) for 8firetoad


"Did Luna stray off?" Ginny said, looking down a path in the forest. "It's not the safest time for her to be on her own."

Neville shook his head. "No, she just went with Hagrid. You're the only one who strayed off." He smiled faintly. The right side of his upper lip was swollen from his last confrontation with Carrow, and anything more than a faint smile was painful. "She can take care of herself as well as you can."

"No, she can't. She thinks she can, and that's the problem. She's going to get herself into trouble, going off alone. I should have stayed with her." Ginny bit her lip pensively.

Neville chose not to answer this, as he had a feeling that Ginny wasn't entirely talking about Luna. Instead, he re-iterated, "She's with Hagrid. Who'll probably get in a lot of trouble if we come back from detention without any unicorn tail hairs to show for it."

Ginny nodded, distracted, and started searching the underbrush. "I wonder who they're selling them to. Or maybe one of them is making wands."

"I don't know. And maybe it's not the best thing to talk about in the open."

"Oh, that's rich, coming from you. How many times did you correct Carrow in class? How many times did you turn your nose up at the headmaster today?"

"Fair enough." Neville caught a glimpse of white deep in the shrubbery and reached in with his wand to gently pry apart the foliage (he was glad the Death Eaters had set him on this--they'd probably have just ripped the whole shrub out to get to the tail hair). "Could you...?"

Ginny came over, and reached into the break he'd made in the branches, gently teasing up the three hairs that were tangled there. She pulled them out and wound them onto a spool, then sat back on her heels. "I hate this," she said.

"I know."

"What are we going to do next?"

Neville gave her another small smile. "We will, of course, be good, obedient little students, just like we have been."

"Right. It would be awful if the school got any more disorganized. If, say, someone were to tamper with the teachers' Floos."

"That would definitely be unfortunate, but not nearly as much as instigating a house elf revolt would be."

"Less likely to end with dead elves, though," Ginny pointed out.

"That's a good point. But of course, we'd never do either of those things."

"Never." She smiled brightly, a strange expression this year. "You know, I really should have gone out with you instead of Michael fourth year."

"I hope you're not expecting an argument."

"Probably instead of Dean, as well."

"I'm not going to trump Harry, though, am I?"

"No. I love Harry. But I really think I would have liked to spend more time with you than I have."

"Oh, I think we're making up for it this year." He looked around, following the direction in which the shrub's branches had bent. "Come on, I think the unicorn's path goes that way."

"Maybe we should keep a few for ourselves," Ginny mused, getting up to follow the path he pointed out. "Just as souvenirs, of course. And maybe some bits of wood..."

Neville stood and touched her arm, and for a moment, it was the Yule Ball again. He expected the Weird Sisters to start playing at any moment. "Souvenirs are all it could be. Because anything else... well, aside from being illegal at the moment... that's hard, fiddly magic, and we don't know anything about it."

"There's a library to use."

"Yes, and all the books we'd need are in the Restricted Section."

"My brother and Harry and Hermione used to go in the Restricted Section all the time."

"Which is why Snape has it hexed to alarm them any time anyone goes anywhere near it without the right spells."

Ginny clenched her teeth. "Fine." She sighed. "Let's go get some more, before we get Hagrid in any more trouble."

is Lord of the rings included in that list? (hopefully?) I was going to ask for maybe Arwen/Aragorn moment (if that's in the book, right? I remmber a vague mention)
for ~Aniaka

They are in the books--she has, like, two lines (none in elvish) and certainly doesn't do the things she does in the movie. She just drifts through Elrond's house in one scene, then gives Frodo the jewel after she and Aragorn are married. She sends along a banner that she embroidered at one point. She is, however, noted as Aragorn's motive in getting back his kingship, as Elrond won't give consent until he's king.

Aragorn, son of Arathorn, had been called Elessar Telcontar, Longshanks, Strider, and Wingfoot, but had discovered since the birth of his son, Eldarion, that he greatly preferred "Fatha" to any of these. He enjoyed hearing the babbling little voice, the trilled words, the soft and comforting sounds that came from the child, and he didn't mind being the one to get up and comfort him when the night terrors came to stalk him.

Tonight's terror had been an Orc hiding in the nursery curtains, and Aragorn had made a great show of dispatching it ("How fortunate for you," he said, "that the king will never let anything harm you!"). Eldarion had finally slipped back to sleep, and, once Aragorn was sure that the dreams behind his brow were gentle, he left the nursery quietly and turned to go back to his own bed.

As he turned the corner, though, he caught sight of Arwen, a glowing bit of silver in the moonlight on the balcony. He stood and watched her for a moment, then went to join her. She looked over her shoulder when he reached the door.

"Gondor has been saved again?" she asked.

"From a most dastardly foe." Aragorn went out onto the balcony and took a seat on the ornately carved bench. "You're troubled."

"No. What have I to be troubled about?"

"I know not, but still, you're troubled."

She sighed, then sat down beside him. "The world slips away, a bit at a time. I watch. For twenty-eight hundred years, I've watched, but now, it's going so quickly."

"Do you regret your choice?"

"Not for a moment. But I... I regret the choices of the world. My people are leaving. What will they leave behind? Will the tales of the Elves even be told?" She smiled and shook her head sadly. "Oh, it's nothing new. But perhaps the king of Gondor can save me from my night terrors as well. What say ye, Elessar? Can you chase away the fleet-footed demons that haunt the moonlight?"

Aragorn slid from the bench and knelt before her. "I say, my Lady, that no demon may gain purchase in your palace, no night shadow may fall upon your brow, as long as I have strength to wield against it."

"And how do you plan to fight these foes?"

Aragorn got to his feet. "Why, I'll chase them across the Dead Marshes, and into the gardens of Ithilien, where they will drown their dastardly schemes in the cold water of Henneth Annûn."

"Oh, really?"

"Yes, of course! After that, I will pursue them through Mordor, and then around the edge of the earth, to the sea. And at the sea, they'll look beyond the shore, and see the stories of the elves that will never be destroyed or lost, because at the edge of the sea, Man will always remember them. And there, your fleet-footed demons will understand that they have no power, and will vanish forever themselves, while your elven kin remain forever true."

"A very pretty story. No wonder Eldarion asks for you at night."

"You can tell him stories as well, you know," Aragorn said, sitting back down beside her. "Bring your harp and sing the songs of the Eldar to him."

"It's sometimes hard to think of them, knowing I'll not see my father again."

"Yes, but what you sing to Eldarion, he shall sing to his sons, and they to theirs. It will, I fear, be much more effective than my own chase across Mordor against invisible demons."

"Not nearly as exciting, I imagine."

"Oh, it could be. Plenty of swordfights. I recommend--if you're not playing the harp, of course--using my walking stick for a sword."

"Really, Aragorn."

"Well, I used Andúril once, but the nurse was quite scandalized."

Arwen laughed, the sadness fading from her face, and leaned into his arm. "Tell me another tale, Elessar Telcontar."

"And what tale would you have?"

"A tale of a simple man, and his simple wife, and a moonlight night by the sea..."


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