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Batch 29

For the first time, I have to skip one, though I'll try to come back to it. It was dealing with Obi-Wan becoming Qui-Gon's apprentice. I read the Jedi Apprentice novels, and tend to give them a little brainspace, so I don't have a fresh take on the subject. Anon... any alternates? Or would some other point in the apprenticeship be all right?

Remus, Elizabeth, and young Dora. (I guess it would have been late '70's, early '80's, in which case Elizabeth would certainly need some cheering up, and Dora certainly does that.) for Anon


"I didn't know you'd have company," Elizabeth said while Remus got a bit of tea together. "I'd have come to visit some other day."

"Don't be silly." Remus handed her a tray of sandwiches. There was barely room to turn around in the tiny flat's absurdly small kitchen, but it was all he'd been able to afford on his current salary as a dustman... and it probably wouldn't last long, as post-transformation illnesses had caused a lot of illnesses that he couldn't very well explain to his boss, who'd taken to giving him a very familiar-looking glower every time he walked in. "Ted and Andromeda got a rather sudden opportunity to take in a show, and I was the only babysitter they could find."

"Not a baby!" Dora called from the other room, where she was buried in a pile of books. It had apparently occurred to her on her tenth birthday last week that she only had a year before she was to start school, and she was on a mad tear to learn everything she might conceivably need to know.

"So sorry," Remus said, and rolled his eyes to Elizabeth.

Elizabeth smiled faintly and led the way into the tiny living room. "Well, it's been a while since I spent any time with a child. Really, since you were a child."

This apparently piqued Dora's interest. "You knew Mr. Lupin when he was littler?"

"Yes, back in ancient days," Remus said, "when we still had to make wands by ripping them off of trees, and brewed potions in stumps under the moonlight."

Dora made a face (it was green, with oversized eyes that rolled maniacally) then said, "You're only thirteen years older than me. I did the maths."

Elizabeth smiled faintly. "Ah. Good with maths, I see." She sat down and drew her eyebrows together slightly. "Thirteen... say, Remus, is Dora your friend's cousin's child? The one you talked to me about when she was born?"

Remus gritted his teeth. "My former friend's cousin."

"Mum's his friend now," Dora said. "And Daddy. And me." She looked at Remus. "You talked about me when I was born?"

"It was all very exciting," Remus said. "Mr. Potter and Mr. Pettigrew and I helped... well, Sirius, but let's not dwell on it. We helped him get out to go to your birth."

"Sirius was at my birth? Did he give me anything?"

"Let's hope nothing that sticks," Elizabeth said, alarmed. "I didn't mean to bring up such a thing."

"It's all right," Remus said. "It's probably impossible to pretend he wasn't there. It's just a habit we got into."

"I see," Elizabeth said. Remus floated the tea set over to her and poured her a cup with lemon, no sugar. She sipped it.

"Did you go to Hogwarts?" Dora asked.

"Oh, yes," Elizabeth said. "Much longer ago than Re... than Mr. Lupin did."

"That wasn't really that long ago," Dora said.

Elizabeth smiled again, something dancing in her eyes that Remus couldn't quite identify, but was glad to see. Since Maddoc's death, she'd been withdrawn and moody, and this teasing light, so familiar to him for all the years he'd known her, was a welcome return, whatever its inspiration might be. "Yes, I forgot," she said. "Good at maths."

Dora nodded. "Mr. Lupin tutors me. He took Arithmancy."

"I remember."

"What House were you in?"

"I was a Ravenclaw," Elizabeth said.

Dora clapped, delighted. "Now, I have everyone! What was Ravenclaw like? Was it fun? What's the Common Room like? Mum says that Slytherin was a dungeon, and Dad says that Hufflepuff is in the basement, but it's really sunny anyway, and Mr. Lupin said that Gryffindor Tower is really high up and windy--"

"Ravenclaw Tower is on the other side of the castle," Elizabeth said. "We're more sheltered from the wind, but a lot sunnier, I think. And lots of books and games and puzzles are there. It's not all for school drudgery. We had riddling games and sometimes we played at mysteries. I liked it quite a lot, actually."


"Oh, yes. Quite fun. Someone would draw a black marble, and have to be the perpetrator, and figure out a little crime to do. Nothing really bad, of course. But everyone would have to figure it out."

"Well, wouldn't they notice that someone who drew a marble wasn't being very helpful?"

"Not if you played it well," Elizabeth confided. "You'd have to work very, very hard on solving the case, and always turn the attention away from yourself."

For the second time in an afternoon, Remus thought of Sirius, but he didn't allow the dark cloud to descend. "I'll bet you were good at it," he said.

"As far as I know," Elizabeth said, "I'm the only one no one ever caught." She smiled slyly, an impish expression that dispelled any chance at Remus's depression setting back in today. "Just call me Moriarty."

"Oh, I've read those books!" Dora interjected. "My Dad gave me some of them."

"You don't say! Did you like them?"

Dora nodded eagerly, and the pair of them fell to discussing books.

Remus shook his head and started making lunch.

A Quantum Leap/Harry Potter crossover? for sreya

Not too much space for a whole crossover in these, but I'll see what I can do. Maybe just a teaser?

Sam had gone through some disorienting Leaps, and while actually Leaping into a chimpanzee still took the prize for disorientation, this one took it for sheer disbelief.

As the glowing light of the Leap-in faded, he felt himself falling to one side, his hip hitting a rock. In one heavily gloved hand, he was holding an absurdly small-looking stick. Above him, a nightmare towered--a giant thing, with glistening scales and burning eyes, steam coming out of its mouth, its wings spread against the sky.

The dragon leaned down.

Sam scrambled backward. "Oh, boy."

Somewhere in another world, a door opened, casting light that only Sam could see, and making a shushing sound that only he could hear. "A little help!" he muttered.

"Stand up," Al said.

Sam chanced a glance sideways, to where Al was standing, neatly bisected by a fence. "Are you crazy?"

"Just do it."

Sam pulled himself up along the rock.

The dragon continued to look at him passively.

"Beside you," Al said, pointing to Sam's other side.

There was a bucket of dead animals. Sam looked at it distastefully. The dragon poked its nose forward eagerly.

"Well, feed it," Al said.

Sam reached into the bucket and tossed what looked like a weasel. The dragon leaped up playfully and caught it, sauntering off into the afternoon.

"That's..." Sam gulped. "That's a pet?"

"Not exactly," Al said. "Come on, let's take a walk, I don't how long we can keep up the connection here. It's fine on my end, but things are a little different where you are."

"You don't say," Sam said.

He followed Al up a winding road into rugged looking mountains. "Where are we, exactly?" he asked, looking nervously over his shoulder.

"Hogsmeade, Scotland," Al said. "November, nineteen-ninety-four."

"Never heard of it."

"Not many people have, but Ziggy's got into some pretty deep secret databases in the government. Ready for this? The town's magical."

Sam looked over his shoulder toward the dragon, which was now flying amiably around. "No kidding."

Al accepted this philosophically. "Most technology won't work around the school--"



"So how are you here?"

"Because I'm not here, Sam. Apparently if too much magic actually happened around Project Quantum Leap, Ziggy'd fry out. But I'm safely in New Mexico. And you're here. Your name is Charlie Weasley. Dragon-keeper."

"Dragon-keeper," Sam muttered.

Al nodded. "Hey, everyone needs a job."

"Yeah. Right."

"And yours..." Al punched some codes on the handlink. "Well, Ziggy says there's a ninety-five percent chance that you're here to save a boy named Cedric Diggory."

"Who? When?"

"That's the interesting part. In the original history, Diggory doesn't die for another eight months or so. But whatever there is to do, it looks like you might be in place to do it. Or, well, Charlie is."

"You're pretty sanguine about this, for someone as superstitious as you are."

Al tilted his head philosophically. "Well, I think of it the way I think about flying jets. I get really nervous when someone who doesn't belong in the cockpit is sitting there anyway. But a pilot? Nothing to worry about. These guys are good magic pilots, at least according to Ziggy. Best school in Europe."

"Great." Sam stopped and turned around. He could see a castle not far away, and, unless he was mistaken, there were brooms flying above it. "What am I supposed to do?"

"Well, Charlie Weasley is supposed to meet some other dragon tamers tonight and bring in some dragons for a contest the school's holding. Nothing really important after that, so nobody ought to be watching you."

"So what am I doing while no one's watching?"

"You're going to have to find out why Cedric Diggory dies... and who really kills him."


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