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The Phantom Librarian — LiveJournal
Spewing out too many words since November 2003
Okay, so... I'm feeling my way in here. It's just not a proper long-form Coco story without hearing from the other side, though...

Call Me A Fool: Chapter 2Collapse )
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Okay, so the other version of older Miguel was a dud. Here's another try. It's going to be multi-chapter, but probably not hugely multi-chapter.

Call Me A Fool: Chapter 1Collapse )
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So, I learned to play with text effects in InkScape, so I made a Zentangle poem for last night's NaPoWriMo entry. Six more and I'm out. Think I can do a sestina in two hours and five minutes?

(BTW, I took down the fic I put up yesterday. I didn't like the structure, and since it was clearly not setting anyone else on fire either, I decided to just do a soup-to-nuts re-structuring. Some scenes and dialogue (a lot, actually) will stay, but I'm going to give it some more compelling framing device)

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So, I decided to make this week's "If I Were Queen" essay public--mostly to show what I'm doing, so if you're interested in following... Anyway, I'm in the process of tackling Buffy, season 6, and this essay (which I think is going to have a follow up, also public) is about the magic addiction plot and why I think it needed fixing.

The next three will be
Xander and Anya (May)
The Trio (June)
Spike and Buffy and the scene you know I’m going to talk about (July)
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Big Patreon day. I decided to try NaPo over there (even though I forgot it started yesterday), and I'm going to try and kickstart my writing (God knows, it's been slow) by using a set of flash fiction prompts... 1000 words in and out, spontaneous writing, no pressure. So I got some poetry up, and a little flashfic, and (only a day late) my rant on Julia in 1984, which I started here.
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I think I'll just do the rest. I've got time. The shiny happy shots I started with yesterday are here

The Amazing Journey of Hopper's ShirtCollapse )

Will is looking at pictures, and he's not happy about itCollapse )

The gang's in trouble without DustinCollapse )

El visits her dreamscape twiceCollapse )

Something's going aroundCollapse )

Well, Nancy's gone all 80s hereCollapse )

Battle at the mallCollapse )

I got nothingCollapse )

So, general theoriesCollapse )
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So, I decided to go through the Stranger Things 3 trailer a bit at a time to see if I could piece together what was happening. I obviously can't put anything together about the absolutely new things (I don't want to advance a theory on the guy with the gun or the big laser thing, partly because I don't know, partly because the lab parts of the series are the least interesting to me).

By tracking the clothes, I can at least get a fix on what things happen in close sequence. Without further ado...

I'll start with the shiny happy partsCollapse )
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Seriously. I'm way too old to have been tested for it, but I can't concentrate on anything. I should be writing an essay which I have been looking forward to writing, but I just got sidetracked practicing my Inkscape skills by trying to draw Carlos, Tina, Denny, and Bridget.

Because that's an important way to spend my time...

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I took over as queen of season 6 Buffy over at Patreon.

I have to do a work-related outreach on my day off. Grrr.

I think I'm going to find a decent romance to read. I realized that I'm as much a genre snob as the people I roll my eyes at who throw shade at superhero movies. Romance publishers publish a LOT, so being a snob means I'm being insulting to a lot of people, so I'm going to at least try. With something other than the Harlequin Intrigue I started, because that was godawful. Any romance fans with a recommendation?

I'm sorry I'm not writing more (I mean, I do know why people are here). My headspace hasn't been all that good lately.
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Free tier Captain Marvel review
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I actually finished my essay for the weekend early at Patreon. A defense of Anakin's "I don't like sand" line. Yes, I went there. No, I don't regret it. :D

I'll be re-reading classic dystopias next, and doing "If I Were Queen" on Buffy, Season 6. I know what problems I see--melodrama wider than the Pacific, for starters--but what other things are there that make this such a godawful season? (Maybe I should concurrently do Angel 4, but my poor brain can't handle trying to work around Connor/Cordy... also, I've been tending to get behind without adding anything.)
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I know you hate Snape. Give him a fluffy moment for willow-at-work

(Funny fact, my first HP fic, written during the three-year-summer, was Snape fluff—well, sort of fluff. He doesn’t lend himself to pure fluff, even at his best. He rescued the Weasley twins before Voldemort could use them in a potion.)
CoverCollapse )
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Random Coco-verse idea I had. The family right after Imelda's death.

Staying on the EarthCollapse )
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It strikes me that Teddy and Miguel both have rather unique relationships/experience with Death, and are contemporaries. If they exist in the same universe, might they have occasion to meet? Might such a meeting be related in some way to the werewolf village in Oaxaca? for amethystbeloved

(He’s there because of Vivian, but I couldn’t really work the village into it.)
The Day AfterCollapse )
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I'd love to read the moment from the Marauder era that you've referred to in Stray, where Dumbledore had the Marauders over for tea and talked with them about Voldemort, then revealed at the end of the conversation that they were sitting in Order headquarters. for Ajay
TeaCollapse )
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So, I'm watching Angel Season 4 with After Show Reacts, and I decided to look up the "Where it all went wrong" analysis on the internet. Consensus is that Carpenter's pregnancy changed the original arc... which was for Cordy to be the Big Bad.

And I really can't think how that would have been better.

They'd literally just done that plot on Buffy, and the two shows had a major crossover audience, so... why in the name of the PTB would they have gone there in the first place? What was the fascination?
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How about Teddy and Victoire's wedding reception? for amethystbeloved
CliffsideCollapse )
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I'm bored out of my mind and have writer's block.

Any challenges? Coco, Teddy Lupin, or Hunger Games.

Anyone? First five.

[sings]Is anybody out there...?[/sings] ;p
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This week's essay If I Were Queen: Poe. In which I try to improve a character that is not actually a character in any recognizable sense. $2/mo tier.

I only have one more Star Wars essay planned for IIWQ. I'm going to stick with corporate properties instead of individual ones for this--it's not my business to say, "If I were Queen of JK Rowling"... but I have no problem at all being queen of Star Wars, or Buffy, or Trek, or Agent Carter (though I loved Agent Carter and wouldn't change it, so my instincts may not bring monetary reward). Anything that has multiple writers and some kind of corporate ownership. I'm not sure what to be queen of next. Season Six Buffy? (Only Rule: I must maneuver the season to the final scene where Xander saves the world from evil Willow. Oh, and Once More With Feeling is not to be touched. Other than that, all bets are off.)

I think I'm going to read some short stories and get the rhythm of them in my head. Write some original one-offs for a while. (I don't think I've written a straight-up short-story since college.)
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Obviously, I'm looking forward to A4, but watching the other trailers, I'm less excited.
Yeah, whateverCollapse )
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