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The Phantom Librarian

Spewing out too many words since November 2003

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“Electric lamps have come to stay,” they say. Long ago Chesterton truly remarked that, as soon as he heard that anything “had come to stay,” he knew that it would be very soon replaced—indeed regarded as pitiably obsolete and shabby. “The march of Science, its tempo quickened by the needs of war, goes inexorably on ... making some things obsolete, and foreshadowing new developments in the utilization of electricity”: an advertisement. This says the same thing only more menacingly. The electric street-lamp may indeed be ignored, simply because it is so insignificant and transient. Fairy-stories, at any rate, have many more permanent and fundamental things to talk about. Lightning, for example. The escapist is not so subservient to the whims of evanescent fashion as these opponents. He does not make things (which it may be quite rational to regard as bad) his masters or his gods by worshipping them as inevitable, even “inexorable.”
J.R.R. Tolkien, "On Fairy Stories"

I'm a fanfic writer and general all around nerd. The above quote is from my favorite essay.

Fern's fanfic:
My profile at SugarQuill--all the Harry Potter stories I've done are here

My fanfiction.net profile--most of these can be found in other archives as well, but it's the only place for a couple of Tolkien fics, and a place I randomly stash a few other stories as well.

My Star Wars stories (and co-written stories) at the TFN archive--Not all of my SW stories, but a pretty good representative selection.

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